Twins lead Hagerstown school's student government

November 15, 2009|By HEATHER KEELS

HAGERSTOWN -- The winning president and vice president in Northern Middle School's student government election this fall had a campaign slogan that was hard to top: "Twin power!"

Fraternal twins Morgan and Cameron Kenworthy, 13, of Hagerstown, were the top vote-getters in the school's Student Government Association election, with Morgan elected president and Cameron elected vice president.

Both eighth-graders are merit students with schedules already heavy in extracurricular activities, but SGA adviser Donna Almany said they have adjusted well to their new responsibilities.

"You can depend on them," Almany said. "When I give them something to do or ask them for something to be done, they take responsibility and do it."


The SGA is made up of representatives from each homeroom, and is responsible for finding ways to better the school and the community, Almany said.

Morgan said he decided to run for SGA president after serving as a homeroom representative in sixth grade. He had served as captain of his hockey team and held leadership roles on his lacrosse and football teams, and he thought leading the SGA sounded like a "pretty cool job," he said.

Cameron also was interested in running for an SGA position, but she said she didn't want to run against her brother, so the two decided to work together as a team.

The race was tough, with opponents competing to hang the funniest posters around the school, the twins said.

"In our speeches, we told the class that we don't see it as a popularity contest," Cameron said. "We just wanted to help the school and do the best we could."

Already, the twins have been talking to other students about their ideas and looking for ways to make those ideas happen.

For example, Morgan said, one of his friends suggested a Washington County Junior Football League day, when all the players could wear their jerseys, and Cameron said students have talked to her about wanting a different DJ at school dances.

The positions involve more work than the twins expected, but they said they don't mind.

"I put my bag in the locker and I go straight to the SGA meeting every morning," Morgan said.

Being siblings helps because they have plenty of opportunity to talk things over outside of school and they're used to working together, Morgan said.

"We balance each other out very well, with our personalities," Cameron added. "He's more outgoing and talkative, and he likes to speak in front of people. I'm more creative and observant."

While Morgan spends his time playing sports, Cameron participates in the Northern Middle School chorus, All-County Chorus and the Renaissance Singers. This year, she was selected to write the Renaissance Singers' annual play.

In addition, both twins are peer mediators at school and serve as WEB leaders -- eighth-graders who act as mentors for incoming sixth-graders.

They take classes like physics and algebra, and both had straight A's the first marking period this year, said their father, Bryan Kenworthy.

Morgan said he hopes to continue participating in student government in high school and is interested in eventually becoming a school principal.

Cameron said she isn't sure what she wants to be, but one of her goals is to write a novel.

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