Letters to the Editor

November 15, 2009

Wivell explains vote on right-of-way acquisition

To the editor:

Regarding the recent story in The Herald-Mail concerning the acquisition of right-of-way for road improvements at Massey Boulevard ("County to buy easements near Valley Mall," Wednesday, Nov. 4, page A1), I would like to clarify my vote on the matter.

I certainly understand the importance of government paying a fair value for land that it deems necessary for a public purpose. In this case, however, I felt that payment in excess of $100,000 for a temporary easement to be used only during the period of construction seems excessive, especially when the adjoining landowner has much to gain once the road improvements are completed.

William J. Wivell
Washington County commissioner

GOP uses fear in fight against health care bill

To the editor:

The Republicans in Congress and their corporate allies are, as usual, trying to defeat health care reform by creating fear using outright lies and misinformation.


How many times have we seen this movie? The "Party of No" with their filthy tricks and lies, and their only purpose is to defeat Obama. They have publicly admitted that. What a deceitful group of people they are.

The "plan" of the Republicans is to basically do nothing, and that will mean continuing higher prices for health care, which are on course to bankrupt the country. The result of the Republican policies of the last 30 years have already nearly done that. What they seem to want is for their big insurance company executive friends to be able to continue to get their multimillion-dollar paychecks and fly around in their corporate jets while the rest of us pay the bills.

I urge all thinking people everywhere to support health care reform now. If not now, when? When it is too late? Do it now.

Kenneth Page
Charles Town, W.Va.

Is health care bill really what is good for us?

To the editor:

I'm all in favor of health care reform. Everybody should have health care at least as good as those of us who are on Medicare.

But the bill passed by the House of Representatives is an example of the nanny state run amok. It would require everybody to buy health insurance and it would restrict women from terminating unwanted pregnancies.

We don't need more of the old white men in Washington telling us what is good for us.

Burr Loomis
Chambersburg, Pa.

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