Mail Call

November 14, 2009

"I was in church on Sunday listening to the sermon and was thinking how far we, as a nation, have strayed from our original path. We were a country who cared about life and liberty and happiness. We once cared about the tired and the poor. Now, we care only about ourselves. And when our leaders try to once again care for the tired, the poor and those less fortunate, we cry socialism, communism, big government." - Williamsport

"I'd like to know in your Mail Call how come you never mention the Korean War. I know it was Cold War, it was called the forgotten war, but how about reminding the people of the people that served in that Korean War and that died? Fifty-two thousand-some died there." - Hagerstown

"If Christina would give everyone her telephone number, we wouldn't be getting all her very important calls from the dentist and the physician and the hospital and the spa. She's missing many, many calls, so please give everyone your updated phone number. We've been getting your phone calls for seven months." - Mount Lena


"Someone, please answer me the question why the school buses have to stop at all the railroad crossings, even the ones that are obviously in disrepair and haven't been used for years. It ties up traffic, could possibly cause accidents and is a waste of the now-almighty high gas prices. Please, someone answer that." - Hagerstown

"Driving down the Dual Highway yesterday, I saw what had to be the world's biggest groundhog. It lumbered out from under a white SUV ... across from the bowling alley, and waddled across the road. Must have been rabid or inbred or something because it looked like a beard or a goatee. Has anyone else seen this beast, and who should I report it to? It looked monstrous." - Hagerstown

"So school system enrollment has increased dramatically, despite the fact that little or no new housing is being built in Washington County. That blows a hole in the mistaken claims of some that new houses produce more children and who pressured the county commissioners to impose exorbitant taxes and fees on new construction. With construction employees out of work and builders out of business, those taxes won't be forthcoming to pay for more student enrollment. Maybe they will now realize that children are the product of people, not buildings." - Washington County

"This past Sunday, I went to play bingo at a local club. It turned out it was really a raffle/tip jar meeting. Every now and then, a bingo game broke out. Finally, after six hours, it was over." - Boonsboro

"To the Martinsburg caller who says we need to 'give Obama a chance - he's only been in office 10 months.' Hello, it's not the amount of time he's been in office that matters. It's what he's done during that time. And Obama, in those 10 months, has set this country on a terribly destructive course in many areas. You obviously know little about what's really going on. Just like Obama, you insist on blaming others who no longer have any power and have nothing to do with Obama's policies. That excuse is as phony as Obama himself, and it just doesn't work anymore." - Hagerstown

"I'm not a big fan of Fox News, but heard something on there this morning that disturbs me. Judge (Andrew) Napolitano said that in this health bill that they're trying to get passed, if you don't buy insurance, you are penalized." - Falling Waters, W.Va.

"Everybody's saying, everybody's blaming Obama for this mess we're in. Well, you know, he must be a really, really good president to get us in this kind of a mess in 10 months. I think that's fantastic. People, it was the president before Obama that got us in this mess. He just happened to pick up the reins and have to go with it. If that man made this mess in 10 months, he's one helluva guy." - Martinsburg, W.Va.

"When are we going to wake up? Environmentalists have shut down our factories and jobs in the name of pollution or global warming. The state fined Fairchild years ago. They left. Garden State Tanning left. Rayloc, Eastalco, Breyers and now Rust-Oleum was given a huge fine. How are we to get power from wind farms, alternate energy to plug in our plug-in cars without power lines? Green jobs?" - Falling Waters, W.Va.

"Kennedy Boone recently made the statement that he should be held to the same standards as any other public citizen. I strongly disagree. A person in a position of authority should be held to a much higher standard. The citizens of Washington County look with interest on the handling of this case. We can first ask why his charges haven't been filed under the Maryland judiciary case search." - Williamsport

"Why does it seem today that most Americans feel as though they need to be baby-sitted on everything, no matter what it is? I mean, whenever they're out and about, such as when they're talking on their cell phones or they dine out at a restaurant and so forth. I've noticed that these grown adults act worse than kids do today. I mean, kids has more sense than them." - Greencastle, Pa.

"I'd like to comment on the quote that someone put in there about why we're not - we are celebrating Veterans Day, but not having kids off. This is totally ridiculous. We make sure that a holiday known as New Year's Day, which means absolutely nothing in the scheme of anything, we have our kids off, yet Veterans Day, where we have a chance to do a memorial to those who have served and we don't have the kids off, what an atrocity." - Hagerstown

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