Home makeovers for less than you might imagine

November 13, 2009|By NAPSA

One of the most attractive home renovations may also be one of the least expensive-simply adding a fresh coat of paint. And this year's colors make it easier for homeowners to create an environment that conveys what is on their mind.

From flashes of blue to soft pinks to surprising greens, yellows and plum, this year's palettes feature colors that are more saturated than those of seasons past - the better for creating the kind of contrast that homeowners want.

"People today have a strong desire for personal expression in a world where seemingly conflicting aspects of modern life co-exist - the economy, art, style and culture," said Dee Schlotter, brand manager, The Voice of Color for PPG Pittsburgh Paints. "Homeowners and designers tend to align with one of two distinct design camps - either creating a very real environment that keeps them grounded, or one based on a more surreal atmosphere that allows them to escape reality."


Many designers and consumers are looking at this as a time to surround themselves with the colors and designs of optimism, wonder and hope. The four Surreal/Real color palettes from PPG Pittsburgh Paints were designed to let people create a unique and personalized color story for each and every home.

Those looking for a futuristic, otherworldly version of reality are being drawn to clean matte shades of green, yellow and blue that vibrate together.

Using flat black and white with these colors creates a stark but balanced look. Boldly graphic prints and patterns against backgrounds of white punctuate the futuristic look and feel.

Others are looking at the world through rose-colored glasses, perhaps to escape the harshness of the current economy.

For them, dreamlike colors and forms reign. Cosmetic shades of soft pink and ivory with sumptuous browns create a romantic and wondrous atmosphere.

"No matter the color you choose to create a personalized environment, a fresh coat of paint can provide just the right budget-minded makeover your home needs," said Schlotter.

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