Hancock town briefs

November 12, 2009

Hancock considers community vegetable garden

HANCOCK -- Hancock officials discussed having a community vegetable garden in Widmyer park during a Hancock Town Council meeting Wednesday night.

Town Manager Dave Smith told council members he thinks a community garden would be popular. Council member Sinclair Hamilton agreed, saying there are people who live in apartments who would probably be interested in the garden.

Officials said there is a stream near the spot being considered, which would give growers a place to collect water for the plants.


The area would have to be fenced to keep deer out of the garden, town officials said.

Hancock might plant new trees on Main Street

HANCOCK -- Hancock town officials discussed planting new trees along Main Street during Wednesday night's Hancock Town Council meeting.

Town Manager Dave Smith said material from some trees on Main Street stains sidewalks, which is a nuisance. Other trees have died and been removed.

Council member Sinclair Hamilton said the more trees on Main Street, the better.

Although business owners might complain that trees interfere with their signs, Hamilton said he thinks trees make a business area more attractive to visitors, which usually benefits the business.

New tenant for Fleetwood building being discussed

HANCOCK -- Hancock Mayor Daniel A. Murphy said discussion on finding a possible tenant for the former Fleetwood Travel Trailers building are progressing.

Murphy told council members during a Hancock Town Council meeting Wednesday night there have been three different "overtures," but he did not say with whom discussions were held.

"People are talking that weren't talking six months ago about business," Murphy told council members.

Fleetwood Travel Trailers closed its operations in the building in 2005 and the town council is managing the property and marketing it to smaller industries.

Weaver focusing on project to revitalize Hancock

HANCOCK -- Hancock Marketing Director T.R. Weaver Sr. said Wednesday night he wants to get the word out about the town's revitalization efforts.

Weaver said he wants to work on an event that would involve familiarizing news organizations about improvements in the town.

In addition to fixing up properties in town, the Sideling Hill Exhibit Center on Interstate 68 is moving to a building at 48 W. Main St. in town.

Weaver said he thinks it is important to spread the word about Hancock to the Washington and Baltimore markets and to promote the town as a good place for a one- or two-day visit.

Murphy says Hancock in Motion group brainstorming

HANCOCK -- Hancock Mayor Daniel A. Murphy announced Wednesday night the formation of a new ad-hoc committee called Hancock in Motion.

The chairman of the committee will be Hancock Town Council member Tim Smith. Smith said there are organizations in town that sometimes have a number of projects on which they're working, and Hancock in Motion can help take on some of those tasks.

The committee has already come up with ideas such as a "hometown Christmas craft show" in the council chambers room, Smith said.

-- Dave McMillion

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