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Lohman to live 'dream'

November 12, 2009|By BOB PARASILITI

BOONSBORO -- Breanne Lohman put the icing on her cake in front of family, coaches and Boonsboro High School administrators on Wednesday.

But instead of using a knife, the Warriors senior infielder used a pen to sign a national letter-of-intent to play softball at Mount St. Mary's next year and finish a lifelong objective.

"Ever since I was little, I wanted to be a D-I player," said Lohman. "It was a dream. It is the icing on the cake."

Lohman was selected to the All-County team last year after hitting .367 with four home runs and 19 RBIs for a Boonsboro team that finished second in the MVAL Antietam race.


Lohman chose the Mount over a number of Division III schools and got the confidence to do it by playing for Boonsboro coach Lisa Lewis and Terry Burdette of the Heartbreakers club team.

"She has an intense desire to do well," said Lewis. "If she doesn't, she has the tendency to get down on herself, but that is because she is so competitive. She's always working on her game long after other kids have left. She is a phenomenal hitter."

Burdette, who has worked with Mount coach Larry Alvis, helped Lohman find a fit with the Mountaineers program.

"I've know Breanne since she was 9," Burdette said. "She is a versatile player and a power hitter. Larry was looking for someone who could play outfield and first base and hit with power. It's Breanne's strength. (Alvis) has seen her play before and he was happy with what he saw."

Lohman, who plans to study biology at the Mount, is at peace with her decision. In fact, she admits getting her commitment out of the way has lowered her stress level.

"I was stressing so much. Once I made the commitment, it took a big weight off of my shoulders," Lohman said. "I put a lot of pressure on myself. Now playing will be a lot easier with the season coming up and the tournaments we play all summer."

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