Letters to the Editor

November 11, 2009

We can't give veterans nearly enough respect

To the editor:

A mother cries out in joy, a tiny baby is brought into the world. Questions float: What will this baby grow up to be? What will be his purpose in life?

But who knew that this child would become a soldier? Who know he would fight for freedom? Who knew such a tiny baby would deserve so much honor later in life?

At this point, you stop and ask yourself: What's so great about going to war? People get hurt, people die.

But that tiny boy did something wonderful. He fought for you. He fought so you could have freedom and privileges you might not have had if he hadn't fought in that war. He's not just some random guy out there shooting. He's a hero. From each and every one of us, he deserves respect.


All veterans do. They go out there knowing the things they'll see - friends and innocent bystanders dying before their eyes. Knowing they might not come home. They do so much for so little.

Think about it - someone who gave up everything so you could live in peace. They should be honored and respected, shouldn't they? Anyone who thinks not is out of their right mind.

And if these heroes do come back alive, imagine the scars they'll have forever. The scarred hands, feet, faces ... minds. The rest of their lives, they'll hear the gunshots, the terrified screams. See the bombs, fire and dead bodies stretched across the valley. The death. You've got to be strong to see that.

Their lives will never be the same after what they saw. We can't give them nearly enough respect. Soldiers past and present.

America, honor your veterans.

Dakota Vaughn
sixth grade, Smithsburg Middle School

Today is a day to honor those who protected us

To the editor:

Ah, another Veterans Day, a day to celebrate, to give thanks, to honor those who stand up for our country and protect us.

Thank you, thank you, all active military, veterans, and in remembrance of those who have went on before. We owe more to you than we can imagine. Thanks to all of you, we live in the best country on Earth.

We are proud of every one of you, women and men. Whether it is in peacetime or wartime, small scrimmage to full-out war, each one of you is special and important. Don't ever forget that.

I am blessed to have many family members and friends who have served and are serving now. Don't forget their families who wait and worry. I am proud to be an American and to wear and display the red, while and blue. How about you? I just love to see someone in uniform or wearing a hat that says WWII vet, etc.

Don't let anyone take away our rights and privileges that were so bravely fought for. Thank you to The Herald-Mail for allowing us to use that freedom by expressing our opinions in their newspaper. Stand up for America. Pray for America and thank God for blessing us as abundantly as He has.

Remember the 11th month, 11th day, 11th hour. Hope to see you at a Veterans Day program. The Sharpsburg American Legion family will hold its services at that time in the square and we would love to have you join us. You'll be glad you went.

Darlene Hoffman

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