Mail Call

November 09, 2009

"Republican governor in Virginia and New Jersey, that's the start of our new beginning. Let's keep it going. It's the very beginning. Our country is on the threshold of coming out of its deep darkness that you-know-who has put us in."- Sharpsburg

"I had to recently visit a food bank today, and I was very appalled when I saw three little children coming to the food bank for lunch, with no parent supervision, and then see the children run home. Parents, please be aware that there are people out there who can kidnap your children. ... Please be careful where you let your children run off to."- Hagerstown

"I, too, agree with the Hagerstown caller on the issues with the commissary and hot water in the detention center. And to add to that, the medical is just as bad. They will let an inmate go for three weeks or more with abscessed teeth, to the point of hospitalization, and then want to get nasty with the family when they call to see what is going on. Dogs found in the street by the SPCA have better care than the inmates."- Funkstown


"I agree, yes, Obama promised change. The one thing is, he never promised or told anyone what kind of change it would be."- Hagerstown

"This is on heating oil prices. This is to President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. You people need to quit worrying about health care so much and worry about people freezing in the U.S., and get on these oil companies. This Wall Street up here, you need to cut them off a little bit. Maybe they need government-controlled Wall Street, government-run, because no, everybody don't live in California, where it's warm. We live up north. I'm in Hagerstown, Md. It's cold. Heating oil, I got 141 gallon(s) of heating oil and cost me $341."- Hagerstown

"You know, on this past election ... I don't understand why there's so much gloating going on from the Republican party. They won governorship up in New Jersey, but up in New York State, Nancy Pelosi won a new congressman that beat out a Republican, so which adds one more vote for her for health care?"- Hagerstown

"What about the ugly women in Hagerstown? Don't discriminate against the ugly men. What about the ugly women?"- Hagerstown

"I also agree with the caller who said that Joe Lane's 11/1 article was excellent. Only thing is, I believe Joe Lane was talking about builders from other areas, not local home builders."- Boonsboro

"I called the comment over the weekend concerning Liz Thompson's editorial about the contest Herald-Mail was having. Yeah, they don't need to have no contest at all. I mean, people have nothing to prove to anyone. I mean, there's good-looking men in the areas we live, along with good-looking women, also. I mean, I think it's really ridiculous. ... I mean, don't you people at The Herald-Mail have anything to do except sit and scheme up crazy ideas?"- Greencastle, Pa.

"I think most citizens of Hagerstown would like to see some information on Mayor Bruchey's part in the car dealership that closed. Maybe this newspaper for some reason or another doesn't want to get any more involved in this, but this man is an elected official - the key word here is elected - and the citizens have a right to know what his involvement is in this. This paper seems to have a history of reporting certain stories and getting things stirred up, and then not following up with it."- Hagerstown

"I wish when you go to a store or a restaurant, when you're going to pay for something, please give me time to make sure that I get the correct change back and that I put it in my purse. I'm getting tired of these, several years now, when you're the customer and you're getting ready to make a purchase and you pay the person and you get your money back, they're already set to wait on the next person. No. My time is important, too, and once I leave the line, if I don't have the correct change, then it's my problem. Please give us time to put our money back when you wait on us."- Hagerstown

"I would like to know what's up with the gas prices. Every Monday or Tuesday, gas is up another few cents. I would like The Herald-Mail to do a story to investigate this."- Funkstown

"No bailouts for the housing development people. They helped cause these problems. They made big profits from only building McMansions. Young people had no choice for a new home, and now they can't afford the mortgage. We need manufacturing jobs, not more houses. Help get factories back in Washington County. I'm glad to read some others agree with this."- Williamsport

"I was calling to say that I'm glad that The Herald-Mail recognizes the high schools around Washington County, but there's two schools you're leaving out. What about Tech High, and what about Barr Construction Institute? They are guys and girls that are learning a trade, and trades are very important in this time and day."- Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.

"Has Mr. Obama and the list of all of his people ever heard of the word 'impeachment'? Because it's time."- Williamsport

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