Add to a cleaner environment by capturing a healthy style with tile

November 09, 2009|From NAPSA

There may be a surprising way to help keep germs out of the home: Add ceramic tile.

The tile, with its broad range of sizes, textures, colors and finishes, is easily adaptable to most any home's attributes and palette. But it can also serve as a type of germ repellent. It's chemically inert, inorganic, and features anti-microbial attributes-meaning the tile not only repels mold and mildew in damp areas of a house such as the kitchen or bathroom, but it also won't collect dust, dirt and allergens. That helps make it a great choice for floors or even for use as a headboard in the bedroom.

It's a fact the hospitality industry is beginning to take note of as well, with many leading hotels and resorts using tile to offer their guests a healthier environment.

Breathe Easier

In addition to being germ repellent, products from Tile of Spain branded manufacturers could offer another benefit: improved indoor air quality. Tile will not absorb odors such as smoke, paint fumes or other contaminants. And unlike some carpeting and paint, tile won't off-gas noxious fumes.


Two popular choices are Inalco's Lounge Series-ceramic tile that looks like antique-white wooden wainscoting and is available in an 18"x26" format-and Roca Ceramica's Top Green Collection. It includes the Green Earth and Green Urban series, which are produced with 80 percent recycled pre-consumer waste, yet still have all the advantages of repelling germs. The line's minimalism complements a broad range of style decor, from traditional to contemporary, in a 19"x19" format.

Safe And Stylish

As an added benefit, ceramic tile is manufactured with a defined and rated anti-slip factor, so you can better ensure safety in your home. Onix, for example, offers the Geo series, a revolutionary treatment of opalescent circle glass mosaic tile in a dreamy, oceanlike turquoise, combining safety and style.

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