Lingerie, toothbrush thefts investigated

November 09, 2009

WASHINGTON COUNTY -- The Washington County Sheriff's Department is investigating two cases of stolen lingerie reported by Victoria's Secret at 17301 Valley Mall Road.

One of the incidents, reported over the weekend, involved about $5,000 worth of bras that store staff discovered missing while taking inventory of merchandise, Lt. Mark Knight said.

Knight said the same store reported an Oct. 23 theft of 43 bras and 190 pairs of underwear, also worth several thousand dollars.

Both incidents were under investigation Monday, and investigators suspect they might be connected to a theft ring working up and down the East Coast, Knight said.


"They're using Victoria's Secret because they're high-end products," he said.

Also reported over the weekend was a theft of $300 worth of toothbrushes from CVS/pharmacy at 18700 North Village in Hagerstown.

Knight said it's not unusual for the sheriff's department to receive reports of theft from drugstores, but they typically involve more expensive products like cold medication and whitening strips.

"We were kinda wondering what the toothbrush deal was," Knight said.

Witnesses at the store were able to provide investigators with a vague description of the suspect believed to have stolen the toothbrushes, Knight said.

Knight said the suspect might attempt to resell the toothbrushes at a flea market.

Retail thefts of all kinds have been on the rise over the past year, likely fueled by the economy, Knight said.

Thefts of food products from grocery stores, ranging from more expensive items like steaks and shrimp to smaller ones, seem to have increased, Knight said.

-- Bridget DiCosmo

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