Mail Call

November 05, 2009

"I know the health department inspects the nursing homes, but I wonder, do they inspect the doctors' offices? If they don't, they should, because if they don't inspect the doctors' offices, they are doing - they're not doing their job. They're doing the people a disservice." - Boonsboro

"This is on appointing treasurer, electing a treasurer for Washington County. Mr. Aleshire, looks like Kristin Aleshire, County Commissioner, he brought up the idea about changing elected position to a salaried position, like the rest of the people in the Washington County Commissioners' office, I guess. Why don't you let Mr. Hershey be? He's doing a lot better job than what you Washington County Commissioners are doing, trying to save taxpayers' money." - Hagerstown

"A couple years back, the City of Hagerstown informed me by letter that I had to put a new sidewalk in, and it had to have a handicap ramp put at the end of it. What gets my goat is, I put the new sidewalk in, I put the handicap ramp in, but every day there's three or four people who come by on motorized wheelchairs. If these people come by my house and keep riding in the streets, I want the city to give me back my money, because it's not right. Why do I put something on my sidewalk that's not being used?" - Hagerstown


"This is to the caller from Sunday's newspaper, Nov. 1, from Greencastle, Pa. If your neighbor just got a new dog and chained it to the back and there is no shelter, then you need to report it to your local humane society, SPCA, because he has to have adequate shelter, and water and food. So please do that, and ... do these animals a favor and report it." - Clear Spring

"I'm calling about people complaining about people from Pennsylvania and West Virginia coming to Maryland to work. Well, if you're an American, you're out of a job, you need one, and you want to work, it doesn't matter what state you work in. You work, you pay taxes, not like these illegals that come in here and don't work and want to go everywhere and live and want everybody to give them everything free." - Chambersburg, Pa.

"If the Washington County Commissioners would have put as much research into the stimulus program giving the developers a free ride as Michael Draper and Joe Lane did, in letters to the editor, they would have realized they are selling the homeowners and taxpayers down the drain. Do they even care?" - Hagerstown

"Good article, Herald-Mail, in on page A8 of the Sunday paper, 'County has wrong fix for housing woes.' It was an editorial by Joe Lane. He's right; too many houses on the market for sale, not including the foreclosures, and not enough room for schools. And that's what got us in this problem in the first place." - Leitersburg

"In regard to the Christian who is upset about Muslims wearing 'beanie caps,' that tradition belongs to the Jewish faith. I think you need a little education in world religion. God bless you, too." - McConnellsburg, Pa.

"The swine flu vaccine delay is a result of 'ObamaCare' takeover policies. Specifically, three policy decisions by the feds caused the delay. First, vaccine additives (adjuvants) were banned; second, chicken egg growing was demanded. Europeans' vaccines contain adjuvants and they use faster mammalian cells for growing. Finally, the feds intervened and mandated a single H1N1 shot. So callers, get your facts straight - yes, the government does want to dictate health care in the U.S." - Hagerstown

"I sure do hope they approve and begin the practice of charging prisoners a daily fee for their incarceration in Frederick, Md. It would be great if this caught on everywhere. Just think of all the money the taxpayers could save. These folks take and take, and need to give back at least a little bit toward what they cost society. This could make a difference in the state budget if state government would do it, rather than closing down mental health facilities and cutting services." - Hancock

"This is to the Mail Caller in Friday's paper from Williamsport, commenting about the man who was ugly because he moved from Hagerstown to West Virginia. Your attitude makes you ugly." - Williamsport

"Everyone who reads The Herald-Mail should read Joe Lane's 11/1 column on the County Commissioners' new 'stimulus' package to local developers. Mr. Lane is absolutely right - it is an absolute disgrace to give local home builders free money to build more houses we don't need. ... Great column, Mr. Lane. Nice to see other county residents as outraged as I am about this 'home developer stimulus.' I would urge everyone to read this column." - Hagerstown

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