Syd's defense a lot like Snyder's

November 04, 2009|By BIG SYDNEY

I knew the feeling.

I got all squirmy watching Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder fielding questions about the poor start of the team he owns.

He reminded me of one of those mimes performing that Man in a Box act. He would have rather been sitting on the right front coil of an electric range than have to defend himself.

But to his credit, there was apology without blame. It's a good thing he wore that Teflon suit to the Redskins Charitable Foundation function he attended. Good move ... nothing was allowed to stick. Check a montage of quotes (queue the NFL Films music for background ... On the frozen tundra ...):


"I feel bad for the fans ... I'm understanding ... We just feel terrible ... We're disappointed and embarrassed ... It hurts. I mean it really hurts ... We are really trying very, very hard ... We've let everyone down -- including ourselves."

"We're just apologetic."

We got that. On this day, Oh Danny boy, your pipes, your pipes were really calling.

But I have to admit, I knew how he felt.

Recently, I was sitting in front of one of the fashionable bistros on Main Street Dargan, playing a board game with a friend. Even though I was dressed as casual as I could -- wearing my hat with BSyd on the front and my "Will pick points for food" T-shirt -- I was stopped in mid-roll by a media horde that hangs around the town looking for stories.

They are always looking for celebrities to talk to during the big Rivalry

Week football games around here.

They were relentless.

They were busting me on my subpar performance picking games of late.

They caught wind of the mailbags of letters I received from fans worrying about the Apocalypse I eluded to in last week's column because Williamsport and Clear Spring are actually going to play for a possible playoff bid.

They even got a rumor going that I was going to follow that predicting "Swam" guy as the next Nurtrisystem project.

First, Al Roker from the Today Show asked me if I completed my picks for the week yet.

My response? "I'm so sorry, Uncle Albert. But I haven't done a bloody thing all day."

Another asked me if there was something wrong with the visions I have while I'm picking games.

My response? "I'm sorry ... So sorry. But love is blind and I was too blind to see."

Then I got the same opening that Snyder got to end his interview. The Dargan One-man Marching Band came down the street playing and I went back to my business.

I really got the idea that they didn't believe all my apologies, though.

Maybe it's because they noticed the Parker Brothers game we were playing was "Sorry."

On with the predictions. Last week 10-5 (.667), season 131-60 (.686).


North Hagerstown 23, South Hagerstown 13

Smithsburg 21, Boonsboro 20

Williamsport 27, Clear Spring 13

Bishop Walsh 31, Hancock 15

State College 34, Chambersburg 14

Susquehanna Township 38, Waynesboro 6

Boiling Springs 31, James Buchanan 21

Hedgesville 19, Berkeley Springs 14

Jefferson 22, Washington 13

Brooke 35, Musselman 20

Mercersburg Academy 13, Kiski School 7

Saint James 28, Hyde School 12


N.C. State 28, Maryland 24

West Virginia 35, Louisville 15

Penn State 17, Ohio State 14

Glenville State 24, Shepherd 23


Falcons 20, Redskins 6

Ravens 27, Bengals 24

Steelers 13, Broncos 10

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