Incumbent Emmett unseated from Greencastle council

November 03, 2009|By KATE S. ALEXANDER

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. -- Political newcomer Matt Smith unseated Greencastle (Pa.) Borough Council incumbent Michele Emmett on Tuesday to win both a four-year and a two-year term on the council, according to complete but unofficial results from the Franklin County election board.

Having won two positions Tuesday, Smith will have to choose either the two- or four-year seat, Franklin County Deputy Chief Clerk Jean Byers said.

The seat not chosen by Smith will fall to the borough council to appoint a representative, she said.

Six seats on the seven-member board were up for grabs this year, thanks to two mid-term resignations. Returning to the board in January with Smith will be incumbents Charlie Eckstine, Mark Singer, Craig Myers and Harry Foley.

Greencastle Borough Council has struggled to keep all seven of its seats filled during the past few years.

Two of the six slots open on the council were two-year terms vacated mid-term by incumbents Nancy Dunn and Chris Grimm.


State law required those positions be added to the ballot at the next municipal election, Byers said.

Emmett, who was appointed to the board in 2008 when Dunn resigned, lost both the four-year and two-year seats she ran for this year.

Emmett was the sole Democrat on the ballot.

The council appointed Singer in April to serve the remainder of Grimm's term.

Wanting to continue serving on the council, Singer said he secured the Republican nomination and was added to the ballot as a candidate for a two-year term.

Byers said Councilman Paul Schemel's seat was also up for grabs this year.

Schemel was unable to run because of his service in Afghanistan which limited his ability to serve under the federal Hatch Act, she said.

The winning candidates will take office Jan. 1.

4-year seat

Matt Smith 367 votes

Harry Foley 366 votes

Craig Myers 356 votes

Charlie Eckstine 325 votes

Michele Emmett 250 votes

Write-in 34 votes

2-year seat

Mark Singer 432 votes

Matt Smith 313 votes

Michele Emmett 200 votes

Write-in 5 votes

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