Mail Call

October 30, 2009

"I'm just calling to say thank you to the wonderful man who helped me to get out of the Potomac Street parking garage tonight, when my ticket would not work. I tried to get it to work three times, it rejected it three times. Finally this beautiful, wonderful man came up and put $6 in that stupid machine to get that lever to go up so I could get out. I'd like to say thank you, thank you." - Hagerstown

"I just read in your paper, the lady from Clear Spring or the person from Clear Spring, talking about the cost of veterinary care. I agree with her. Why couldn't our county set up some clinics every couple of months or so, and have some of these veterinarians volunteer their services, and maybe the county could reimburse them, you know, a nominal fee, and see if this works out? And like I said, it would be great to have some clinics charging a nominal fee." - Hagerstown


"One of many promises Mr. Obama made when he was running for office as the president of the U.S. was that he would place an excise tax on the oil companies if a barrel of oil reached $80. Well, sir, a barrel is now $84 and climbing. Let's see how long it takes Mr. Obama to enact the excise tax." - Hagerstown

"I'd like to know what is causing gas prices to rise. Refineries blame a decrease in demand, as well as an increase in demand, for higher prices. It all sounds like 1984 newspeak to me, and I don't see President Obama doing any more than President Bush did." - Funkstown

"Martinsburg caller, the fact that President Bush went to war in Iraq and how much has been spent on the war has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not President Obama is in fact a socialist. Whether he is or not, he certainly has advocated socialist policies, like a single-payer government-run health care system, for example, and actually enacted a government takeover of auto companies. That's socialism." - Frederick, Md.

"Can someone tell me why the film 'Amelia' is not playing in Hagerstown? For the first time in years there's a film I would like to see in the theater, and it's not being shown locally. How far behind the times does Hagerstown continue to be?" - Hagerstown

"'City to pay for dog's expenses': The dog was hindering the officer's efforts to do his job. Next week the headline will be 'City to pay for robber's expenses shot during bank holdup.' This is right up there with the county paying for the parents to go to the Little League playoff. Come on, people, be responsible for yourselves, your children and your pets." - Clear Spring

"I think Officer Duffey could have used better judgment in shooting the black Lab. I think the police department needs to retrain these people. Instead of acting so aggressively he could have used some other means of subduing the dog." - Hagerstown

"To the caller complaining about West Virginia residents working in the state of Maryland: Well, I live in Martinsburg and I work for the DOC in the state of Maryland. So get over it." - Martinsburg, W.Va.

"Just think about it: The government can't even make sure we have enough flu shots and swine flu shots to go around. What are they gonna do when they get in charge, or they're totally in charge of our health care? What happens to us next"

- Hagerstown

"The other day, my average 14-year-old son came up to me and solemnly stated, 'Mom, I've been reading my government book, and Obama is doing the exact opposite of how our government is set up.' I think it's time most of us go back and do a real history on our great country, and then we can clearly make an informed decision on what the current White House is doing." - Clear Spring

"I'm calling in reference to the person who called in on Tuesday, Oct. 27, from Greencastle, stating that you do have a life after work. I have to agree. There's a business here in Hagerstown. ... If you're not a dedicated employee and dedicate your 24 hours of each day to them, then you're not a dedicated employee. They don't want to have you. You're not worth having. You work eight hours ... you work to have a better life, not to make the boss have a better life."- Hagerstown

"This is to the lawmakers pledging to give some of their pay to charities. That's great, but I hope they don't forget to put it on their federal and state income tax forms, as a contribution tax deduction." - Fayetteville, Pa.

"I'm calling about the dude that said he said he moved from Hagerstown to West Virginia seven months ago. I think what he was trying to say is if he stayed, Hagerstown would have been No. 1 on the ugliest men in the country list." - Williamsport

"State legislators want to donate their money to charity so they think they're on the same level as state employees who are losing money. That's a cop-out. All's that is is a tax write-off for them. Why don't they give it back to the state, like the employees have to?" - Hagerstown

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