Sydney is on the tech A-list

October 28, 2009|By BIG SYDNEY

As many of you know by now, I'm constantly sitting on the cutting edge of technology.

I'm trying to get all set up on Spacebook and MyFace. I'm doing all this while Twittering my thumbs.

Now I'm dealing with trying to program a new I-Phone. I bought it at Dargan's beer distributor and cell phone outlet -- Six Pack Carriers.

I'm trying to get just the right combination of functions on my touch screen.

For example, I have one button for colleges for my prognosticating purposes. On of the top of the list is Appalachian State, a team I always consider after its big upset of Michigan a couple years ago.

Then there is one for possible mascots, like ape and appaloosa. I even keep a politically incorrect spot for apache.

I have another for food and health so I can keep track of apples and apricots and appetizers while trying to find aprons to cook with becuase I have a huge appetite.


I needed to create a place to find criticisms of all my picks over the year, listing different apologies, appalling remarks and general apathy.

Then I obviously have to have a party section for my pats on the back to keep track of my aplomb for picks because they were appealing, applauded, appropriate and approved, which all proves I have such high aptitude. It all sets me apart from the rest of my competition and puts me at the apex of this profession.

I have another button set up to advertise for an assistant. I want to appoint the appropriate apprentice to appear in my place somewhere in the future.

I have another one just in case Williamsport or Clear Spring make the Maryland Class 1A football playoffs. It is a red button named Apocalypse, but it could be subtitled April Fool.

I have another for publishing my biography, which will help me make sure I have all the apostrophes in the right places, the appendix in the back and the right aperture on my wide lens camera when I have my picture taken.

Whew! If you haven't figured it out by now, I never knew it was such hard work getting all my aps in order.

On with the predictions. Last week 14-5 (.737), season 121-55 (.688).


Frederick 33, South Hagerstown 22

North Hagerstown 34, Boonsboro 19

Smithsburg 20, Williamsport 13

Chambersburg 38, Carlisle 20

Greencastle 48, Waynesboro 21

Mechanicsburg 41, James Buchanan 12

Hampshire 26, Washington 21

Martinsburg 46, Musselman 19

Randolph Macon Academy 17, Clear Spring 14

Bucktail 30, Hancock 20

Mercersburg Academy 19, Peddie School 8

Sidwell Friends 23, St. James 18


West Virginia 31, South Florida 21

Penn State 38, Northwestern 17


Broncos 24, Ravens 20

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