Letters to the Editor

October 27, 2009

Government health care plan is ridiculous

To the editor:

It never fails, after President Obama's speeches I always get that fuzzy, warm, all-is-well feeling. Then I have a cup of coffee and reality always hits me in the running lights. This health care plan is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I am so glad to see the American people rise up with things like the Great American Tea Party. That was the most heartwarming thing I have seen in ages.

Let me share with you the things that concern me the most about this health care proposal. I am never concerned about the programs as they are presented, I am always concerned that once they come in what they can evolve into. When Social Security was enacted, the American people were guaranteed that number would never be used for identification. My Social Security card says at the bottom that it is for tax purposes only not to be used for identification. The people were not against Social Security, but the fear of it becoming the beginning of a numbered society. When did it change?


The government has no business regulating our health care. As for end of life counseling, why would that even be in there? Any doctor worth his or her salt would counsel the patient and their family on the condition of their loved one. I recently went through a life-changing health issue, and I can tell you that at one point things were so bad that if euthanasia was legal I would have opted for it. But by the grace of God, and my fantastic doctor, I am writing this letter. I have been there, and if anyone had told me that I would be a burden on my family I would have done anything to avoid that.

I am glad to see the people use the word socialism, but this is far worse than socialism. The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx says that during the Great Depression, the United States was ripe for the picking, but she rose from the ashes like a phoenix and was stronger than ever. It also says for socialism to prevail, and ultimately communism, that they must divide the sexes, the classes and the races. They must cause dissension. Read the actual book and you will see the syllabus that is being used to change America. This is not a program, this is a systemic change in the way we will live and die.

This systemic change, if it happens, will take on a life of its own, and it will be the American citizen on which it feeds.

When I heard Jimmy Carter make the statement that Americans are upset over an African-American in the White House and basically saying that again we are racists, (a term which quite frankly I am sick of hearing) who does he think put Obama in the White House. If every African-American in this country voted for Obama, and no one else voted for him he still would not have had enough votes to be elected. I of course did not vote for him, not because he was African American, but because I do not trust him.

I can no longer say, "Wake up, America," because America has woken up. All I can say is once any health care bill is passed it can be changed, piggy backed, and backdoored. Keep the federal government out of our health care system. Help people who need health care, but make the states responsible. Help the individual states as they need it. Make a separate bill for tort reform. Make a separate bill that says that you can cross state lines for better premiums. Let private enterprise work, but keep the government out of it. We are at a pivotal point in our society and may God help us if we pivot the wrong way.

Oh that's right we have allowed the liberals to kick him out of our country. So, I guess we are on our own, and that does not give me a very comforting feeling.

Angie Harsh

The election in Pa. on Nov. 3 does matter to voters

To the editor:

I want all voters to know the election on Nov. 3, 2009, matters.

In Waynesboro, Pa., there are not many contested positions on the ballot. However, those that are contested are ones that matter most to our community. This election allows us to choose the path of the Waynesboro Area School District and, in turn, our future. It is vital that every member of the Waynesboro community go to the polls and with each vote state with conviction the future we all want for this community. We want students prepared to compete in today's market. We want students who can bring jobs and opportunities back to their hometown.

It is through our school board that we, the community, speak to our students, set our expectations of them and their performance, and determine their responsibilities as citizens. Among those setting the standards and guiding the course of the future of my community I want Bonnie Bachtell, Stephanie Kober and Greg Ochoa.

I want school board directors committed to engaging the community, the teachers, the students, and the parents. I want school board directors focused first on education. I want school board directors who understand that we can achieve a high quality education without high taxes.

The school board affects each of us. Go vote on Nov. 3. Vote for Bonnie Bachtell, Stephanie Kober if you live in the borough of Waynesboro, and Greg Ochoa, if you live in Washington Township, Pa.

Lynn Y. MacBride
Waynesboro, Pa.

The Herald-Mail should be commended for health care series

To the editor:

In this day when we are aware that there is much false information circulating about health care, I want to commend you on the five-part series that was featured last week in The Herald-Mail.

The team of reporters/journalists did a great service to the public by presenting clear, understandable information.

I personally appreciated the way people at various parts of the health care issue were interviewed, for their perspective on what could be the solutions to both the high costs of health care and the delivery of better patient care. Well done!

Esther F. Boleyn

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