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How to survive a zombie invasion

October 27, 2009|By RACHAEL JOHNSON / Pulse correspondent

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. - Do you know what you and your friends would do during a zombie invasion? Chances are you don't; however, some teens already have a plan in place.

The Arex Zombie Survival Group (AZSG) and Zombie Emergency Response Group (ZERG) are two groups that can teach you how to survive a zombie attack.

ZERG is partnered with AZSG, which is also legally recognized by the National Emergency Management Association.

The groups are primarily made up of teens and both groups are led by teens. AZSG is led by Alex Stadlin, 16, and ZERG is led by me, Rachael Johnson, with Sam Pate, 17, as second in command.

First, you should know what to have on hand in a zombie apocalypse. Remember B.O.B. or your Bug Out Bag.

The AZSG and ZERG recommend a few things to keep in your B.O.B. If you follow this guide, you should last through the disaster.


In your B.O.B. you should carry enough food and water for 72 hours, or about 4 liters (one gallon) of water per person per day. You should also have your own water purification supplies, which you can find at pretty much any survival store or military surplus shop.

Every person should also have their own cooking supplies cutlery and dishes.

One of the most important things is for you to have a first aid kit. Keep a map and travel info with you as well.

Basic camping supplies, such as rope or a sewing kit, will carry you a long way in any emergency. Carry two changes of clothes for any weather and keep bedding. Space blankets are recommended. Something else high on the list is a radio.

A lighter, matches, flashlights and extra batteries, along with a hand-crank flashlight and fire-starter kit should all be in your B.O.B.

Keep cash or anything that can be bartered with. A sturdy pair of waterproof boots will do you good. Always have a multi-tool on you. A survival knife and hatchet will also be of great use.

Hammocks are good, they keep you and your supplies off the ground and away from zombies. Pack a dry bag and towel (both available in the camping section of Wal-Mart), along with signal devices such as mirrors, whistles, flares, etc.

Use note pads and calendars to record events so they may benefit you and others in the future. Have a can of WD-40 for equipment maintenance.

Have a disaster plan. This includes a compass and maps of the immediate area and surrounding area with possible supply locations and emergency centers labeled. Possibly the most import thing you carry is a folder with two copies of each of the following; birth certificate, Social Security card, passports, medical records and identification cards.

As far as weapons go, keep a main weapon, secondary and melee weapon on hand. Keep all three or else you're asking to be zombie food.

Remember K.I.S.S., or Keep It Simple Stupid.

Keep a crow bar on hand; it can be used as a melee weapon and a tool. Never carry a chain saw; it uses fuel and you risk hurting yourself, too.

To stop zombie-virus infection, cover your face and eyes. A simple bandana and goggles won't do it. The bandana could absorb zombie blood and you could breathe it in. A gas mask or firefighter's mask is your best bet, but a medical doctor's mask and waterproof goggles will provide good protection.

If you are traveling with a group, a dump truck is good transportation; it is heavy, has lots of space, is well armored and has a low center of gravity. However, if you are on your own, go with a dirt bike or motorcycle. It uses less fuel and is more maneuverable.

Also, keep in mind during a zombie invasion, zombies are not the only threat. It would be a dog-eat-dog world. People would constantly be in survival mode, therefore, a danger to themselves and others. Keep yourself trained mentally so you can function under pressure.

Also, beware of major disease. Most health clinics would not be open or functioning during this form of disaster, so remember your personal hygiene and make sure you are careful of what you eat. Beware of uncooked meat.

And always, watch out for the zombies.

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