Mail Call

October 24, 2009

"I'm calling about the stink bugs. I have a fool-proof method, but it takes a little work. You take a large, empty cottage cheese container and put about a cup of water in it and a healthy squirt of lemon detergent, and some, little bit of white vinegar to kill the smell, and then you take a long, like a 18-inch or so long twig or stick that has like a pointed ... you hold the container right underneath the stink bug, and then you take the stick and hold it above them, and then most times they'll just jump right in. And I've got oodles of them this way." - Boonsboro

"Please, enough of the Barbara Ingram School for Arts. Let's talk about the good students at Bester or Conococheague. We're paying for them as well. I'm tired of it. Let's get on with the other small schools where the students don't have that same opportunity but do have the same talent." - Chambersburg, Pa.


"Today, Oct. 21, I read David Limbaugh's piece entitled 'Hopefully, conservatives will be emboldened by Rush.' I do believe this columnist is about the most honest commentator that the news media has, along with Charles Krauthammer and Rush himself. I very frankly cannot trust the liberal media at all, with their extreme leftist mindset. Allow me to commend the Herald-Mail editors." - Greencastle, Pa.

"This is to the people who's stealing my gasoline, and also stealing my wood. I thought the Bible says 'Thou shall not steal.' Why don't they just go and ask for it? And I know they really don't need it. If they are, they should ask for it." - Mount Lena

"I was reading in the paper where the Washington County Health Department ordered 8,300 doses of the H1N1 vaccine, and that 8,000 of those will be in the nasal spray form. I'd just like to understand why we're using all of our resources to order the nasal spray form, when the at-risk groups who should be receiving this vaccine can't take the nasal spray form." - Hagerstown

"I'd like to make a comment about the school downtown holding up traffic at 4:30 on a work evening. This is another reason why the school should not be downtown. All it did was cause a traffic jam, for what? So that they could put on a show for Nancy Grasmick. That school should not be downtown. It's located in the business district and it has no business being there." - Hagerstown

"I was just wondering, everybody talks about 'Oh, I have the swine flu; oh, I have the swine flu,' but then they'll say 'My doctor refuses to test me; my doctor refuses to test me.' What is the deal with that? Can somebody explain that to me? I don't understand why the doctors will not test people for the swine flu. ... Somebody please explain that to me." - Hagerstown

"I read Mail Call today as always, and someone wrote 'What are we doing in Afghanistan?' Well, Afghanistan is where bin Laden trained his soldiers to attack us on 9/11. My question is what are we doing in Iraq? To me, Saddam Hussein was really only stabilizing that country. We should have mounted all of our forces in Afghanistan to try to get bin Laden and all those cowards." - Williamsport

"I'm outraged and disgusted by the Hagerstown caller who claims it's better to abandon unwanted pets than to take them to the SPCA, because they kill them. Caller, do you think they euthanize animals for no good reason? Do you really think they have the unlimited space and funds to permanently care for all the county's unwanted pets? Do you think all abandoned pets are given good homes by kind people? Can you actually believe that none of them ever suffer or die a terrible, lingering death from exposure, starvation, disease, auto accidents, or attacks by other animals?" - Hagerstown

"This is to the town of Funkstown. I was wondering when the public display of intoxication and vagrancy is gonna come to an end at the community park. Before too long, there'll be four walls to the Little League dugout instead of three, with a smoke stack, where this fella is gonna be taking up full residency. I'd like to see this come to an end, so my grandchildren can go there and release some energy." - Funkstown

"Thursday, Oct. 22, front page of The Herald-Mail: 'Production of swine flu vaccine is way behind.' Federal government originally promised 120 million doses of swine flu vaccine by now. Only 13 million have come through. And this is the same federal government that you want to take care of your health care. I don't think so." - Williamsport

"I'm calling about the headline on Wedesday's paper, the 21st, for the arts school called 'most unique.' It's funny that the State Superintendent of Schools would say 'most unique.' Uniqueness doesn't come in degrees. You'd think she'd know that, you know, that she would have known that." - Boonsboro

"Answering the gentleman that called in from Falling Waters, W.Va., today, and it's Thursday. He said that he don't trust any of the guys inside the Beltway on our stuff, and if you start thinking back in history a little bit, you'll find out that all our financial problems and 95 percent of our oil problems could have been eliminated about two years ago, from Congress. And I agree with that caller." - Hagerstown

"Maryland state employees, and Washington County, too, for that matter: Stop whining about minor cuts in benefits and finances. Every year my income goes down, but my taxes go up to pay for your benefits, which are better than mine or most everybody else. There's no sympathy out here in the private sector for jobs for life with great benefits." - Hagerstown

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