Andrews family gathers at Byron Park

October 24, 2009

The 18th annual Andrews reunion was hosted by Beatrice Andrews along with her nieces Sharon Houser, Linda Miller and great-niece Ashley Moss. Ashley welcomed the 41 decendants of Robert J. and Gladys M. Day Andrews on Sept. 20 at Byron Memorial Park in Williamsport.

Rod Bonebrake asked a blessing on the food.

Greatly missed this year were Oscar and Matty Andrews, who passed away in the past year, thus making John Andrews the only surviving son of Robert and Gladys.

Paul L. Andrews, who started the annual reunion, passed away in 1998. James L. Andrews passed away in 2005. They are all missed by their family and their memories live on at each reunion.

There were lots of guessing games. Killian McNew guessed closest to the M&Ms. Ashley Moss won the carmel targets. Patty Bonebrake guessed correctly what was inside the pumpkin - a candle. Debbie Lightner and Tammy Lynch tied for the green apple licorice.


Jenny Shingleton guessed closest to the amount of change in the jar and won $4.48.

Abigail Andrews won a bag of groceries by guessing closest to the weight of the bag. Two word games were played and had many winners. Three teams played a relay game. Winners were Rod Bonebrake, Brenda Younker and Patty Bonebrake who was playing for Deagen McNew - her grandson who dropped out of the game.

Everyone who participated in the cake walk won a treat and Beth Andrews won the first door prize in that event. Other door prize winners were J.T. Moss, Abigail Andrews, Gordon Cook, Catherine Andrews, Eric Bittinger, Donna Conway, Sharon Houser, Zella Andrews, Jo Derryberry, Killian McNew, Linda Miller and David Miller.

Ashley Moss and David Miller started a tug-o-war. Team A consisted of Ashley Moss, Gehrig Moss, Nicole Conway, Zella Andrews, Donna Conway, Terry Andrews, Eric Bittinger, Jared McNew, John Andrews, Stefan Shingleton and R.J. Conway. They won the first and last war. Team B won three wars and consisted of David Miller, Ronnie Houser, Don Andrews, Josh Lynch, Tammy Lynch, Amy McNew, Sharon Houser, Brenda Younker, Beth Andrews, Deagen McNew and J.T. Moss.

Next year the reunion will be hosted by John and Zella Andrews and family.

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