Letter to the Editor

October 23, 2009

Hagerstown Area Pregnancy Center can
help couples with an unplanned pregnancy

To the editor:

God forgives abortion. I don't encourage anyone to consider it, but if you've had one, know that God can heal any emotional trauma you might be facing as a result of a past abortion.

On (Oct. 15), my wife and I had the privilege of attending a fundraising banquet for the Hagerstown Area Pregnancy Center. For 25 years, this outstanding organization has served our community with loving counsel and a nonjudgmental attitude in helping couples decide to have their children instead of opting for abortion. Testimonies were shared by young ladies in the community who walked into the HAPC distraught over an unplanned pregnancy. They testified how they were met with care, love and practical help as they decided to give birth and rear the children they had conceived. Tears were shed as one young couple held up their little daughter and said how happy they were that the HAPC assisted them throughout the pregnancy and encouraged them to consider life.


My wife and I were teenage parents. We were seniors in high school when my then girlfriend, now wife of 23 years, stepped off the school bus and announced to me the news. When we revealed that we were pregnant, a lot of pressure was put upon us to have an abortion. It cost us some friendships and relationships when we refused to heed their recommendations and offers to pay for the procedure. I admit, there were some challenges being teenage parents. But today we are reaping the beautiful benefits of those years.  We are blessed with a beautiful 23-year-old daughter who's a wife to a fine husband who works on Capitol Hill. As a result of choosing life, our daughter and son-in-law have made us grandparents twice!

When my wife and I were 20, we had our second child. A son who is involved in a ministry called "Teen Challenge" and has made us swell with a good kind of pride. Twenty-three years ago some people pointed out the reasons we should go through with an abortion. We were scared, we were unsure of a lot of things, but we felt within ourselves that we should choose life. The little pitter-patter of feet from our grandchildren is music to our ears that life is precious.

If you or someone you know is struggling with an unplanned pregnancy, like we were, please visit the Hagerstown Area Pregnancy Center on Summit Avenue beside the Hagerstown Bible Church.


John R. Miller Jr.

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