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October 22, 2009

Please elect sensible, capable candidates

To the editor:

During my junior and senior years in high school (1994-96), I served as the student representative to the Waynesboro Area School District Board of Directors. I was excited about the opportunity, having learned in civics class the importance of local governing bodies, such as school boards, in our great American democracy.

I looked forward to vigorous debates among solutions-oriented board members who, despite differences, shared a commitment to education and upheld their duty to govern on behalf of their constituents.

We deserve debates that are worthy of the serious issues confronting our school system. And, we deserve elected officials who engage those debates in a manner that is worthy of their office. This Nov. 3, I hope we will elect sensible, thoughtful and capable members ... members whose service will showcase, rather than undermine, the principles of good governance we all learned in civics.


It is for this reason that I support Bonnie Bachtell and Greg Ochoa for seats on the Waynesboro Area School Board. Although I recently moved to Hagerstown to be closer to my job, I remain vested in this school system -- the one I attended, the one my children might attend -- and I encourage you to cast your vote for Bonnie and Greg.

Ann Rotz

Limbaugh should wake up and smell the coffee

To the editor:

Memo to David Limbaugh: Wake up and smell the coffee.

You wrote, "Where was Borger when Democrats, purely for partisan purposes, pummeled President George W. Bush for eight years?" I have news for you. It wasn't "for purely partisan purposes." I'm a fiscally conservative registered Republican, but I joined in the "pummeling."

In those eight years, George W. Bush destroyed the budget surplus by giving tax breaks to his rich buddies, ignored the Middle East until 9/11 rose up and bit him, started two wars, coddled Wall Street right into the biggest meltdown since 1929, and then asked for $700 billion with absolutely no controls to bail out the culprits. There was nothing partisan about the well-deserved pummeling.

The Limbaugh brothers need to wake up and realize that they are the ones who are partisan and cloistered. The rest of us are just trying to get the greatest country in the world back on the right track.


Burr Loomis
Chambersburg, Pa.

The state shouldn't pick on veterans clubs

To the editor:

This is concerning the LCB and other laws, officials fining some of the clubs in the area and for them needing to close up for a number of days, such as the VFW in Greencastle.

I don't believe or feel it's right for clubs to be fined just because or due to the fact they paid out more than they were allowed. What about these lottery places, gambling areas, etc.? Why aren't they put on a cutoff of money they allow people to win?

It's just that (the LCB) picks on the clubs, which is downright ridiculous. These clubs were built and designed for veterans and others. I feel this is a slap in the face to those who served.

Russell "Pete" Seville
Greencastle, Pa.

Kiwanis Club sends a fragrant message

To the editor:

My dad was a member of the Kiwanis Club for years in Bethesda, Md. This organization did great work for the community, but also was there to support my father when my mom passed away after 45 years of my parents being married. When we lost my dad, Bethesda Kiwanis helped me and my family as well. They were not just a club, but a great source of love and friendship for all who had the pleasure of knowing them.

Last year, I decided it would be nice to participate in the Kiwanis Club of Hagers-town Rose Day, by buying a dozen roses and giving them to someone I loved. This not only is a great gift, but supports the work they are doing for many youth organizations in the area.

If you buy the roses before Oct. 29 the price is $18 and will be $20 at various locations in the area on Rose Day. (

Roses will make most mothers cry, warm a grandma's sweet heart, and certainly goes a long way in any relationship.

To me, flowers send a fragrant message long after the scent has gone. For all of us "Hopeless Romantics" with dried petals pressed somewhere in a book, they are priceless. Add to this, each bundle sold will help so many wonderful youth organizations ... well; it just couldn't get any better!

Kate Prado

Franklin Co. GOP women support Funk, Plum

To the editor:

The Franklin County Council of Republican Women is pleased to announce its endorsement of the following candidates in the Nov. 3 election in Pennsylvania:

o Larry Funk, Republican candidate for the Tuscarora School Board

o Dave Plum, Republican candidate for Magisterial District Judge in the 39th District.

The Republican Women will support the efforts of our Republican candidates to fill the positions of which they are seeking and encourage all registered Republican voters to come to the polls on Nov. 3, and show their support for our party. 

Lyn Shertzer
Franklin County Council of Republican Women
Chambersburg, Pa.

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