Fashion tips: Zebra print is in, solids are out

October 20, 2009|By LAKIN THOMAS / Pulse correspondent

Fashion is a big deal for many teens these days. Everyone has to have the latest and greatest look, and have the newest clothing.

What is interesting is that we all seem to have a style that suits who we are. This is a little tidbit to help you find some ideas to make your wardrobe pop. Hopefully it helps.

What's in: Zebra print. This print brings out a wild side in this age.

Try zebra print in bags, scarves, shirts and maybe even pants if you are feeling super wild. Zebra print also look good with hot pink to make it stand out even more. Try experimenting with different styles to see what suits you best.

What's out: Boring solids. With so many crazy looking scarves, funky jewelry and rockin belts, why leave your outfit looking so blah?


Wear your favorite pink top but try adding a metallic belt to it to give it some flair. You will get compliments galore because you have a look that no one else may have caught on to yet.

Just think: You might start a whole new fashion craze.

Fashion Tip No. 1: Is having all those overpriced brands of clothing really necessary to make your look? Try shopping at discount stores where you can get great deals on designer clothing.

Lakin Thomas, 15, is a sophomore at North Hagerstown High School. She loves fashion.

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