Bring Back All could 'Get Used to This'

With their second EP release, Bring Back All is trying to make it in music

With their second EP release, Bring Back All is trying to make it in music

October 20, 2009|By KEIRA CALE / Pulse correspondent

BOONSBORO -- Have you ever wanted to be in a band? Or even release your own album? Well, for four Washington County teens, they are doing exactly that.

Boonsboro High School juniors Max Damewood, Aaron Bence, Jesse Mendez, all age 16, and Smithsburg High School junior Jacob Pinos, 15, are the pop-punk rock band Bring Back All.

The band will perform Local Static at 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 22, at Hot Topic at the Valley Mall. The band will have copies for its new EP "I Could Get Used to This" for sale.

It all started in eighth grade when Max Damewood, lead guitar, and Aaron Bence, bass guitar, started a cover band. They just needed a singer and a drummer.


That's when they heard Jesse Mendez, vocals and rhythm guitar, trying to win over a girl by singing her a song in the school auditorium.

"We love his voice," Max said.

The members immediately invited Jesse to be a part of the band.

Now, all they needed was a drummer. How did they come across Jacob? Well, they had to do an English assignment, which they had to portray literature through a form of art. They decided on music and a friend in class then hooked them up with Jacob. Thus, Bring Back All was formed.

As for the band's name it happened one night while talking on the phone. The guys knew they needed a band name after a year of not having one, and said they thought Bring Back All worked.

In the summer of 2008, members recorded their first demo at Echoes Recording Studio in Sharpsburg. A copy is available for sell at their show for $6.

Their new EP, "I Could Get Used To This," was recorded Kory Gable at Pin Up Recording in Baltimore. The album is now available on iTunes.

Members say they are influenced by bands such as All Time Low, Blink 182 and Boys Like Girls.

The guys from Bring Back All said their parents have been supportive of the band.

"Our parents love the band, they let us practice at our house and take us everywhere, pay for our gas money, food, and some of our equipment," Max said.

The guys take being in the band seriously so that means making time to practice.

"We usually practice every day, like after school, and even if all of us can't make it, the rest of us practice anyway," Aaron said.

Which led them to covering their first song as a whole, which was "CrushCrushCrush" by Paramore.

Although they're in a band, it's not the rock 'n' roll lifestyle yet. They still have to juggle school, life and the band.

"Well right now we don't have any jobs, but it's really hard this year because we are getting into more difficult classes, so it takes a lot more effort," Max said.

But it does have its perks.

"It's not really too bad cause we all get to hang out a lot, plus we still have time to hang out with other people," Aaron said.

As for school work? "We do our homework right before practice and sometimes after, so we get it all done," Aaron said.

Max agreed.

"Yeah, like our social life is pretty much our band, we all are best friends, but education comes first," he said.

Keira Cale, 14, is a freshman at Hedgesville High School in West Virginia. She loves music.

Photographer Devon Jacobs, 16, is a sophomore Hagerstown Technical High School. She enjoys photography.

If you go ...

What: Hot Topic's Local Static featuring Bring Back All

When: 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 22

Where: Hot Topic, The Valley Mall, Halfway

MORE: For show dates, band information, or to contact Bring Back All, go to www or

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