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October 19, 2009

County's senior forum set for this morning

To the editor:

You have to wonder what our legislators had in mind when they created the current income tax law that penalizes senior taxpayers for being married. Legislators some years ago passed legislation to provide an income tax incentive to seniors caring for dependent seniors. This benefit now amounts to an extra exemption of $3,200 for such a dependent senior. However, a senior is only provided an exemption of $1,000 for a dependent spouse.

Maryland will spend an unconscionable amount of medical aid funds treating seniors who have expended their resources. Were these seniors to have access to long-term care insurance, they might not appear on the aid roles and the state would save money. Anything Maryland can do to encourage seniors to provide their own care will lessen the fiscal burden just over the proverbial hill.

Many states have recognized the contribution public employees have made to the good of the state. Eliminating income taxes on public retirees, civilian and military, provides such recognition.


These are subjects that can be discussed with members of the Washington County Delegation to the Maryland General Assembly at Washington County's Senior Forum scheduled for today.

The forum will begin at 10 a.m. and once again be held at the temporary senior center at Girls Inc., 626 Washington Ave., Hagerstown.

Last year's forum resulted in passage of legislation enabling all Maryland counties to implement property tax relief. The delegation listen to Washington County's seniors, so don't miss the opportunity to meet them this year.

Edward C. Wurmb III
founder, Washington County Senior Coalition

Why are we in Afghanistan?

To the editor:

I was watching "Frontline" on TV on Oct. 13 and was moved to write this. Why are we in Afghanistan? Our young men are dying for no reason at all. You cannot force your will and thinking on others. They are living in the Dark Ages. They believe what they have been taught and live as they please.

The British were here and they were defeated. The French were in Vietnam and they left, we were in Vietnam and we left, we were in Korea and left, Russia was in Afghanistan and they left. America and Britain are friends and co-existing, North Vietnam and South Vietnam are now co-existing, North Korea and South Korea are now co-existing, Russia left Afghanistan when they realized it was futile to stay there.

America needs to get smart and let others live their way of life and let the fittest survive. Let us defend our country when it is needed. We have the capacity and weapons to retaliate against any attack and should not hesitate to retaliate with any type of weapon we possess to whomever it is that attacks us, and let them be aware of this.

Our people need so much in so many ways and due to our ridiculous involvement in others' affairs we are becoming economically bankrupt. We have a more serious problem here at our borders that we should address. We are being destroyed within. Our politicians are so wrapped up in their petty, you-scratch-my-back and I-will-scratch-yours that they cannot see the forest for the trees. Bring our troops home.

Tom Wilhelm

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