Local and seasonal: Italian-style Kentucky tradition

October 17, 2009|By SCOTT ANDERSON

This is my spinoff of a Hot Brown, an open-faced turkey-and-bacon sandwich covered in Mornay sauce. The sandwich originated in 1926 at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, Ky.

I went with pot roast for a more hearty style and substituted sliced, smoked cheddar instead of Mornay sauce, a classic French cheese sauce.

A panino is a pressed, heated Italian sandwich; the plural of panino is panini. The specialized appliance used to make a panino is called a panini press.

Scott's Panini Brown

(Ingredients in bold are seasonally available this week at many area farmers markets.)

(Ingredients in bold are seasonally available this week at many area farmers markets.)

4 ounces chipotle mayonnaise
4 thick slices of pumpernickel bread
4 slices smoked cheddar
6 slices of tomato
4 lettuce leaves
1 cup grilled pepper and onion strips
6 strips crisp cooked bacon
8 ounces shredded, cooked pot roast


Spread half the chipotle mayo on two slices of bread and top with cheese, sliced tomatoes and lettuce, followed by pot roast.

Then place pepper and onions strips and bacon on top. Spread remaining mayo on remaining two slices of bread and place atop sandwiches.

Place sandwiches onto preheated panino grill. Close lid to press sandwich and grill for 2 to 3 minutes.

Cut on diagonal and serve with some fresh potato salad and your beverage of choice.

Makes two panini.

Scott C. Anderson is associate food service director and chef with Shepherd University dining services.

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