Martial arts students raise $1,766 for breast cancer fund

October 17, 2009

On Sept. 19, Black Belt Hope Covert and Master Jimmy Smith of White Tiger Martial Arts Studio hosted a kickathon where 20 martial arts students kicked continuously to help the Susan G. Komen Fund help find a cure for breast cancer.

The martial arts facility in the South End Shopping Center held a silent auction with many items such as gift cards donated from local businesses and other items. The auction raised $286 and the kickathon raised $1,776 for the Komen fund.

One kicker, Adam Semler, raised a total of $1,240 and did more than 1,000 kicks during the event.

The kickers included James Wattersmith, William Wattersmith, Blair Baker, Adam Semler, Shianne Anders, Sierra Anders, Chris Gillespie, Logan Conway, Luke Conway, Trevor Conway, Zavian Conway, Vincent Jardina, Colson Yeakle, Ariel Dick, Avery Covert, Spenser Covert, James Briscoe, Kaleb Wise, Jordan Ekblad and Sean Piskor.

The money raised will go to the Komen fund, which sponsors an annual walkathon each year. Hope Covert has been a part of the three-day walk for the past seven years, along with her father, Bruce Schaeffer. This year, she will participate in the event in Tampa, Fla., on Halloween weekend.


Anyone interested in making a donation can do so by:

Sending a check to Jimmy White's Tiger Martial Arts Studio, 1123 Maryland Ave., Hagerstown MD 21740. In the memo section, put "donation for Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer."

Going online to, click on "Donate" and search for Hope's personal fundraising page.

Calling 800-996-3DAY to donate over the phone.

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