Mail Call

October 16, 2009

"We now know the value of the Nobel Peace Prize. It holds the same value as a Confederate $3 bill." - Smithsburg

"If memory serves, the song goes: 'School days, school days, dear old golden rule days. Reading and writing, arithmetic, taught to the tune of the hickory stick. You were my queen in calico, I was your bashful barefoot beau, and you wrote on my slate, 'I love you Joe,' when we were a couple of kids. School days, school days.'" - Smithsburg

"This is to the person that hit my car at the library on South Potomac Street, Tuesday, Oct. 13. You know you did it, please report it to the library or the city police. No questions asked, just report for insurance. Someone saw you do it." - Clear Spring

"If you trap mice alive and dump them close to my house there is a good possibility that they will come in and enjoy a nice meal of rat poison. You will have rid yourself of the varmints in a humane way and I will have made sure they don't raise a big family. Well done." - Waynesboro, Pa.


"I want to thank the County Roads for their half-million-dollar road to nowhere that was just installed between the, in the last two days in Halfway Park. That must have cost at least a half a million dollars, the amount of workers and time that they put into it." - Hagerstown

"Herald-Mail, good job on the Oct. 13 'Tears of the fallen,' for the two young men who were killed on the Cole, to cover that from Salisbury and from here locally. The Navy and VFW and all deserve a lot." - Leitersburg

"To the 'former bank director' who blames the Democrats and the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 for 'forcing' the banks to make bad mortgage loans: This is a Republican bogeyman." - Chambersburg, Pa.

"Congratulations on the 11th, for acknowledging Marlo Barnhart's retirement at The Herald-Mail. She'll be sadly missed. She's a good person. Also, your Friday and Saturday articles about confusion at the protective custody of the inmate at trial here local, that was a confusion. That was a major (mistake) by all our systems of public service, especially public safety and all." - Leitersburg

"To the caller on wheelchairs on the Dual Highway and all other professional drivers: Life is an attitude. Thirty-plus years ago when I was in Okinawa they had mirrors on sharp turns so you could see around them. It amazed me that no one busted them up. Their small children would walk out from between two parked cars holding out both arms, palms out like a stop sign, looking straight forward. Had you hit one of these children, story goes the locals would have beat (you up.) Is the story true? Sure looked like the kids were banking on it was. I never saw another kid bullied. It wasn't because of karate but because the other kids would have beaten (them up.) These people have attitude. Oh, by the way, if you're pulling out or getting on in front of someone and they had to hit the brakes, you did not stop or yield." - Falling Waters, W.Va.

"Can the newspaper please, I'm begging you, do an article on Washington County bingo halls, where they are located, what time they play, and what day they play? I mean, I would really love to see a list of bingo halls in Washington County, the time, the date and where. I'm a faithful bingo player, and I have lost my place at Halfway, so please, please give us a list - and thank you, Randy, for being such a great caller." - Williamsport

"I see in The Herald-Mail this morning that the county is going into the real estate business, the City Council is going into the real estate business. They raised my taxes to $1,000 on a house that's 140 years old. When are they gonna stop this spending? They gotta pay this money back for the stimulus package, and they're gonna have to raise taxes to do that. So they (should not) be in the real estate business." - Hagerstown

"I hope the people who put the orange-and-black posters on the telephone poles this week in Boonsboro will take them down after the event is over this weekend. Last year, they never took the posters down and we had to look at them for almost a year in Boonsboro." - Boonsboro

"I would like to thank the organizers and participants of the 'Salute to Veterans' event last weekend in Williamsport. The nostalgia of the old cars, veterans in their uniforms and the love of the townspeople to our greatest generation. We can never repay them for their sacrifices." - Falling Waters, W.Va.

"Nobel Peace Prize for what, making us look weak in the eyes of our enemies? That's no way to go about things, Carter - oh, I mean Obama." - Williamsport

"My pet peeve No. 231 about this town: Why must all school buses stop at railroad tracks that obviously haven't been used for years, are in disrepair, have weeds growing up? It's a waste of time, gas, and ties up traffic. It's senseless stopping at railroad tracks that have not been used for years. I can understand why they stop at the ones that are in use." - Hagerstown

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