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October 16, 2009|For METRO SOURCE

An expensive redecorating project is not likely a priority this year - at least as far as your household budget is concerned. While we're all tightening our belts a bit, it's easy to refresh a room without breaking the bank.

Here are a few tips from the color experts at Rust-Oleum:

o Take stock of what you own. Pull all of the furniture out of your room so that you can take an inventory of what you'd like to keep. You may be surprised to find that an old item once tucked into a corner could provide new inspiration.

Look around your house for other furniture items and accessories. Be sure to "shop" for your new items in the attic, basement or garage. Ask neighbors or friends or shop flea markets and garage sales. Don't worry if the items don't match just yet. Paint can bring the room together.

o Choose your new color palette. Choosing color is often the most daunting task when redecorating, but here's a tip for finding the perfect color palette. First, think about what you use this room for. Is it a peaceful place to read? An inspiring area to create? A room dedicated to family fun?


Next, pick a word or two that describes how you want that room to feel - calm, peaceful, bright, warm, or inspiring. Now close your eyes and visualize that word. You may visualize the ocean when you think of calm or a bright outdoor place when you think of inspiration.

Write down one or two colors from the scene that you've visualized. Maybe it's a Spa Blue of the ocean along with the Khaki color of wet sand. Or, if your inspiration is a bright garden, you may want to use colors like Sun Yellow, Deep Blue or Apple Red.

o Recycle, refresh and renew your existing furniture. Use paint to bring unlike pieces together. You may find six unique dining chairs with different styles. Painted a rich Kona Brown, these very different chairs make up a beautiful and eclectic dining set. This same strategy works well with picture frames, vases, baskets and other accent pieces.

Bringing a mix of different styles together with paint is even easier with Rust-Oleum's new Ultra Cover 2X. Its double cover technology offers twice the coverage of other spray paints and is available in the most popular colors. Twice the coverage means that you'll need fewer coats of paint to complete your project so your room will be ready in half the time. Spray paint has many advantages over brush paint. Most notably, spray paints provide a smooth finish for items with a lot of texture like wicker or wood with detail.

For more inspiration and project ideas, visit There are hundreds of easy, inexpensive projects that can help you transform any living space. And, when you've finished your own room makeover, be sure to share it with your new friends at

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