Making the most of a favorite kitchen feature

October 16, 2009|By NAPSA

For prospective new homebuyers, the kitchen can make or break the sale. This was determined in a study, Merillat's Model Behavior: How people act, think and shop in a model home. The study, the first of its kind, examined the key motivations and actions of homebuyers.

The study found that new home shoppers ranked the kitchen as extremely important. In fact, only 3 percent would consider purchasing the home if they didn't like the kitchen.

Kitchen Feature Shoppers Liked Most

Certain features caught the eye of prospective homebuyers. Among those features, islands were the most-cited "wow" factor. Why? The island can be a great way to add style and personality while serving multiple functions such as storage, convenience, additional workspace and even comfort.

Island Function

One way to put the island to work is to incorporate dual-height surfaces dedicated to separate tasks, such as a cutting prep area. It can also be used as a serving or buffet area or for seating at an informal dining area.


Adding organizational features is another way to make an island as functional as possible. Pullout wastebaskets, cutting board kits and spice drawer inserts are just a few features to enhance efficiency. The workspace can become even more streamlined when essentials such as sinks, cooktops or dishwashers are added.

Island Beauty

Decorative elements on the island are a great way to increase the kitchen's overall style and personality.

"A high-end look can easily be accomplished by contrasting the island with the other cabinetry in the kitchen," says Paul Radoy, manager of design services for Merillat, a cabinet company specializing in kitchen design. "Simply using a different cabinetry style, wood species or finish on the island adds visual interest."

However, in some cases, the homeowner may prefer the island to seamlessly match the other cabinetry. In this case, visual interest can still be accomplished by adding details like a built-in wine rack, open display shelves or glass- front doors.

Merillat also offers decorative accents that work to enhance cabinetry style and design with details such as feet, legs, corbels, ornamental onlays and molding inserts. These decorative details can change the look of an ordinary island into heirloom furniture, turning an average kitchen into something exceptional.

Islands for any Kitchen

Whether the kitchen is big or small, homeowners of today expect their kitchens to accommodate their busy, multitasking lives. They want islands that can handle a variety of activities, from cooking to entertaining to family time. However, when designing a kitchen island, the most important point to keep in mind is how the homeowners are going to live in their kitchens and how they intend to use their islands. Moreover, by incorporating Merillat design elements, a kitchen island can become a functional focal point.

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