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October 15, 2009

Editor's note: The Herald-Mail invites readers to answer poll questions on Readers also may submit comments when voting. A sampling of edited reader comments will run on The Herald-Mail's Opinion page on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

The question posted Friday on The Herald-Mail's Web site was: Do you believe Barack Obama was a good choice to receive the Nobel Peace Prize?

Results: Yes, 309 votes (20.9 percent); No, 1,173 votes (79.1 percent)

o "All Americans should be proud today. We are moving toward credibility in the international community and President Obama gets full credit for that."

o "Shouldn't the Nobel Peace Prize gone to Obama's teleprompter?"

o "How ridiculous to be opposed to this fabulously gratifying example of what real diplomacy and multilateral action mean today! As with health care, the GOP, birthers and neocons are bankrupt when it comes to ideas, and have no suggestion who should have won instead, just more opposition to the president succeeding at anything."


o "I believe that we live in the greatest country in the world. Where else can people voice their opinions so freely? With that said, congratulations, President Obama! The Nobel Prize Committee is made up of well-educated people and it is nice to know that the U.S. image is starting to be repaired in the eyes of the world with an open-minded and fair president leading the way."

o "The president has not earned the award. That is the simple fact. A few months in office and a few speeches to the Muslim world does not justify this award. That doesn't mean that if he achieves real results that he wouldn't eventually deserve it. If he does, then I would say that he deserves it and congratulate him. At this point, he hasn't earned it."

o "Aren't you supposed to actually accomplish something before getting that award? The liberals are going bonkers today. I hope they are still laughing when our deficit hits $15 trillion to $20 trillion and inflation is back at Jimmy Carter levels."

o "No, he does not deserve it. Someday maybe, but not yet. If our president wanted to show true leadership, he would refuse this award on the grounds that this was not the original intent of Nobel based on his will."

o "Congratulations to President Obama and to the United States. It is a honor to receive such a prize. It is recognition by the world community that they believe Obama's policies hold great promise for world peace, cooperation among nations and better relations with the Muslim world. It is true that such an award comes so very early in his presidency, but it is an indication of how positively the rest of the world views the sea change in U.S. policies toward the rest of the planet. Peace is obviously in the best interests of the U.S. Cooperation among nations fosters more trade and more prosperity for the U.S. Better relations with the Muslim world will hopefully result in a decline in terrorism."

o "Maybe words are what it will take to bring some peace to the world, but until it happens, I'm not convinced he deserves such a prestigious award. I thought deeds speak louder than words. So far, he hasn't done a thing but make promises and spend my money."

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