Mail Call

October 14, 2009

"There is bad parenting. They take their kids to these public places, let them run, scream, climb all over everything. There's no discipline at all. I've seen better dog behavior. Sit, stay, and be quiet." - Greencastle, Pa.

"The best way to get rid of a mouse is to buy an old-fashioned mouse trap. It is quick, it involves no poison, and it works." - Boonsboro

"I'm calling in reference to the article in the Oct. 9 Mail Call about comparing Sen. Mikulski to Sen. Byrd. Well, if Mikulski would do as much for Maryland as Byrd has done for West Virginia, I'd vote for her myself." - Washington County

"I was wondering if somebody could tell me how to get rid of gnats. They're like everywhere in my house. ... I still can't seem to get rid of them. Don't know where they're coming from. If somebody could leave it in Mail Call if they have any idea how to get rid of them." - Washington County


"Why is it that if your bank account is compromised by your bank, that is it that you have to notify the people who have automatic direct deposit and direct drafts out of it that you will be getting a new checking account number? Shouldn't this be the bank's responsibility?" - Hagerstown

"I would like to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. I have rescued several dogs and cats. Can you please tell me what Obama did to deserve such an award?" - Smithsburg

"Parents are - or they should be - telling their kids about how smoking is not good for them, but yet they stand at the bus stops around all these kids and smoke. Good example. Can't you just wait 10 minutes until they get on the bus and leave?" - Hagerstown

"Congratulations to ... Obama for his outstanding Nobel Peace Prize win. He now joins the esteemed ranks of such notables as Jimmy Carter, Al Gore and Yasser Arafat. He may have lost the Olympic bid, but he won the world. What's next, emperor of the universe?" - Maugansville

"My wife found a unique thing to clean the microwave. First, she put a peeled, hard-boiled egg in there for 30 seconds. Then, after she wiped the exploded egg from the inside of the oven, it was spotless." - Smithsburg

"Does anyone know what the major construction is, going up on the corner of Rench Road and the Downsville Pike? And it would be nice to have an update from the newspaper on all the new construction and new businesses going on around the county." - Washington County

"I just wanted to comment on the article in the paper Sunday about the catapulting pumpkins. I think it's terrible, this time of day and age, that food is so scarce and then they have to go and destroy pumpkins. That's all I wanted to say." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling about the military. When I was in Korea, I was 17, lieutenant turned me down, said I was too young. Four times he turned me down. Now they say I'm too old. Isn't this discrimination? I'm gonna see if I can't sue them. I want to go to (Afghanistan) and let one of them young men come home." - South Potomac Street

"Since 9/11, people use the phrases 'these troubling times' or 'these uncertain times.' I'm done with being negative and looking at the dark clouds. Every cloud has a silver lining. Maybe if we stop the melancholy, we may actually stop arguing and start liking each other again. If we did this, things would be a whole lot better for all of us. No more Limbaugh, no more Glenn Beck, no more right yelling at the left and left yelling at the right. Just love and peace and happiness, the way our Lord and Savior would want it to be. God bless everybody." - Keedysville

"Our son came home from college the other day and told us that he was in love with the large holly tree in our yard. He said he wanted to marry the holly tree. I checked, and it is dioecious, meaning it's female. That solved one of our problems. We wouldn't want our son marrying a male tree. The big problem is that the tree is at least 75 years old, and our son is only 21." - Hagerstown

"There are various types of what are sometimes called 'catch and release' traps that catch mice, alive available in hardware stores, etc., but you must realize that these are house mice and don't normally live in the wild, so if you release them there they probably won't survive, and if you just release them outside of your house ... they'll probably come right back into your house. ... So if you must release them, please do it very, very far from a populated area." - Frederick, Md.

"A special thanks to the Washington County Sheriff's Department for his service on the hit-and-run driver who was dumping garbage on my lawn on Draper Road in Clear Spring." - Clear Spring

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