Big Sydney's 8-ball traitor to the cause

October 14, 2009|By BIG SYDNEY

This job can be very lonely.

You might think I have throngs of fans and groupies just hanging on my every word and Twinkie wrapper, but that's not the case.

In most cases, I have locked myself in my heavily bunkered office for weeks at a time to make all my picks, predictions and point spreads. Sometimes, I just end up talking to myself. I'm man enough to say it. Besides, who's going to tell a guy in undersized coaching shorts and bunny slippers that he's nuts.

I haven't reached the point where I answer myself, though. I leave that up to my trusty results-confirming sidekick, my Magic Eight Ball.


It usually goes something like this:

"So, you think the Washington Redskins will be firing coach Jim Zorn?"

(Shake the ball) "Signs point to yes."

"You got any idea who his replacement will be?"

(Shake the ball) "Ask again later."

"Why? Do you know how famous we would be if we put odds on his firing now?"

(Shake the ball) "Cannot predict now."

"Let's get down to work. It's been tough picking the games this week. We did a little too much tailgating. How do you feel?"

(Shake the ball) "Reply hazy, try again."

"I'm thinking of using this adding machine to figure out my point spreads, but the keys keep sticking. What should I do?"

(Shake the ball) "Don't count on it."

"Oh, very funny. Some help you are."

(Shake the ball) "You may rely on it."

"You trying to tell me that I couldn't do this job on my own?"

(Shake the ball) "Very doubtful."

"I would be missed. Who would do a better job than I do?"

(Shake the ball) "Better not tell you now."

"Chicken! Go ahead. I can take it. ... Wait a minute. Are you talking about that Dan Kauffman from the Inside Sports TV show -- the Wrong-way Feldman of predictions? According to that show, the last time he was right, he picked after the game was done ... and it was still close. Is that who you are talking about?

(Shake the ball) ... there was no answer. (Shake the ball) ... there was still no answer.

I got mad and fired the ball into a brick wall. It still didn't answer.

Some friend he turned out to be. He must have laryngitis.

On with the predictions. Last week 20-3 (.870), season 92-42 (.687).


North Hagerstown 26, Middletown 21

Walkersville 34, South Hagerstown 7

Boonsboro 33, Berkeley Springs 20

Smithsburg 28, Brunswick 13

Catoctin 30, Williamsport 14

Bishop Walsh 27, Clear Spring 13

Bishop McDevitt 35, Chambersburg 21

Shippensburg 20, Waynesboro 6

Greencastle 21, Susquehanna Township 17

Steel-High 41, James

Buchanan 14

Martinsburg 38, Park View 22

Jefferson 44, Hedgesville 14

Musselman 19, Hampshire 13

Allegany 36, Washington 12

Hancock 42, Ferndale 20

Hill School 28, Mercersburg Academy 13


Maryland 17, Virginia 14

West Virginia 38, Marshall 17

Penn State 31, Minnesota 20

West Liberty 24, Shepherd 21


Vikings 20, Ravens 13

Redskins 17, Chiefs 10

Steelers 34, Browns 10

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