All County Chorus concert tonight

October 14, 2009

The All County Chorus concert for Washington County middle school and high school students will be held tonight at North Hagerstown High School at 7:30 p.m.

Middle School


Grace Albritton, Springfield Middle

Asia Anderson, E. Russell Hicks Middle

Samantha Bainbridge, Boonsboro Middle

Sarah Ballow, Boonsboro Middle

Elizabeth Bender, E. Russell Hicks Middle

Savannah Brown, Clear Spring Middle

Alejandra Chavez, Springfield Middle

Ashley Clifford, Clear Spring Middle


Haley Cline, E. Russell Hicks

Jessica Coffman, Springfield Middle

Caitlin Cremins, Northern Middle

Sarabeth Dawson, Clear Spring Middle

Shannon Downes, E. Russell Hicks Middle

Kierston Dudley, Clear Spring Middle

Shelbi Dulaney, Hancock Middle

Jessica Farnum, Northern Middle

Ashley Frisch, E. Russell Hicks Middle

Cheunta Fulwood, Western Heights Middle

Leah Funk, Hancock Middle

Ashlyn Heimberger, Northern Middle

Alexandra Hemphill, Northern Middle

Alexandra Henry, Springfield Middle

Angelique Hilburn, Western Heights Middle

Alissa Howard, Smithsburg Middle

Jessica Hunt, Western Heights Middle

Amber Jacobus, Springfield Middle

Ranaisha Jefferson, Western Heights Middle

Taylor Jones, Western Heights Middle

Cameron Kenworthy, Northern Middle

Kayla Kingsbury, Smithsburg Middle

Kiersten Kline, Hancock Middle

Cassandra Leach, Smithsburg Middle

Hayley Lowry, Boonsboro Middle

Megan McCarty, Western Heights Middle

Marisa Marquez, Smithsburg Middle

Michaela Miller, Boonsboro Middle

Danielle Murray, Smithsburg Middle

Emmaleigh Nally, Springfield Middle

Alexandra Paddack, Northern Middle

Hanna Pickerall, E. Russell Hicks Middle

Jenna Placzek, Boonsboro Middle

Lindsey Renner, Northern Middle

Brenda Rhinehart, Western Heights Middle

Alexis Shank, Clear Spring Middle

Sydney Sheasley, E. Russell Hicks Middle

Allie Shilling, Western Heights

Jessica Smith, Boonsboro Middle

Abigail Sylvester, Clear Spring Middle

Paol a Torres, Smithsburg Middle


Victoria Anderson, Western Heights Middle

Bess Ann Williams, Northern Middle

Savanna Atha, Western Heights Middle

Taylor Barnhart, Western Heights Middle

Hayley Beyer, E. Russell Hicks Middle

Jennifer Bowers, Clear Spring Middle

Ashley Brady, Clear Spring Middle

Tamia Branch, Smithsburg Middle

Kayla Brice, Springfield Middle

Hailey Bricker, Springfield Middle

Hannah Brumbaugh, Clear Spring Middle

Abagail Corbett, Hancock Middle

Alexis Evans, Springfield Middle

Cheyenne Fairfax, Northern Middle

Hilary Fianko, Western Heights Middle

Breanna Frazier, E. Russell Hicks Middle

Amanda Frey, Boonsboro Middle

Karen Hade, Northern Middle

Briana Haugh, Smithsburg Middle

Jessica Hendershot, Hancock Middle

Nyisha Jones, E. Russell Hicks Middle

Tirzah Joyce, Northern Middle

Lashea King, Western Heights Middle

Lauren Kline, Clear Spring Middle

Alexa Knode, Smithsburg Middle

Gabriella Manilla, Northern Middle

Sasha Margob, Boonsboro Middle

Megan McCarty, Western Heights Middle

Sierra McKimmy, Springfield Middle

Genesis Medina, Boonsboro Middle

Danielle Midgett, Boonsboro Middle

Ashlee Miller, Western Heights

Payton Mohammed, Western Heights Middle

Heather Pickerall, E. Russell Hicks Middle

Heidi Plumer, E. Russell Hicks Middle

Toriana Pyron, Smithsburg Middle

Abigail Recabo, Clear Spring Middle

Hannah Reed, Clear Spring Middle

Courtney Ridenour, Boonsboro Middle

Samantha Robinson, E. Russell Hicks Middle

Chania Robinson, Western Heights Middle

Tiffany Ross, Springfield Middle

Joslyn Sartin, Smithsburg Middle

Zoe Schreiber, Northern Middle

Casey Shank, Clear Spring Middle

Brittany Shoemaker, Hancock Middle

Katie Skrabak, Smithsburg Middle

Kelsie Smith, Boonsboro Middle

Lacey Smith, Smithsburg Middle

Breanna Springer, Boonsboro Middle

Cayley Stefanizzi, Boonsboro Middle

Brianna Studebaker, Hancock Middle

Lindsey Thomas, Boonsboro Middle

Carly Waugh, Western Heights Middle

Breanna Welch, Northern Middle

Rachel Wiles, Springfield Middle

Hope Wolford, Springfield Middle

Cecilia Ya Markland, Smithsburg Middle


Brady Benner, Northern Middle

Wyatt Bingaman, Northern Middle

Receo Burke, Northern Middle

Brendon Burkholder, Northern Middle

Alec Cantner, Springfield Middle

Lucas Carter, Northern Middle

Ryan Carter, Northern Middle

Jacob Clemmer, Northern Middle

Kevin Cooper, E. Russell Hicks Middle

Chris Dagey, Smithsburg Middle

Brian Dean, E. Russell Hicks Middle

Bryce Dickens, Boonsboro Middle

Aaron Dopson, Northern Middle

Lance Douglas, E. Russell Hicks Middle

Luke Draper, Springfield Middle

Jared Duncan, E. Russell Hicks Middle

Austin Edgerton, Hancock Middle

Richard Faith, Clear Spring Middle

Christian Feliciano, Northern Middle

Willie Fox, Clear Spring Middle

Tyler George, Northern Middle

Jarvis Handy, Hancock Middle

Wyatt Harnish, Clear Spring Middle

Ben Harrah, Boonsboro Middle

Dalton Heinbaugh, Hancock Middle

Corey Householder, Northern Middle

John Kryswicki, Boonsboro Middle

Andre Laguerre, E. Russell Hicks Middle

David Lewis II, Western Heights Middle

Eric Matamba, E. Russell Hicks Middle

Cody Morris, Clear Spring Middle

Shalom Muthoka, E. Russell Hicks Middle

Cory Nyack, Boonsboro Middle

Dakota Pfieffer, Boonsboro Middle

James Riford, Clear Spring Middle

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