Mail Call

October 11, 2009

"This is in regards to the little article in Mail Call about the empty prescription containers. Be sure labels are removed. Contact a sewing or quilting club. They are used for pins, needles, buttons, etc. They will be very much appreciated." - Chambersburg, Pa.

"We should raise income taxes on all of us, especially the wealthy, to pay for this war, and not borrow from China. This war is causing all this debt, not the health care, as the Republicans think. I would never vote for President Obama or anyone that wants this war. It is not winnable. China should stop lending us money and the war will end, since the rich don't want to be taxed for it." - Williamsport

"I also want drive-thru customers to order promptly, just to get to me quicker. But the menu is too varied, with many sizes of each item. I can remember when it was only burger, fries and a shake. How about ... printing menus with prices. Stuff one in my bag and next time I might be ready to order. Not to worry, soon we will be texting orders." - Cearfoss


"I may not know much, but I know the difference between sexting and child pornography." - Chambersburg, Pa.

"Disgruntled parents attending a Board of Education meeting said 'busing children just to fill Eastern Primary doesn't make sense.' Dear friends, busing has always been the accepted method for transporting children to school in Washington County. What do you expect, limo service?" - Hagerstown

"It may be a Steeler Nation, but it is a Yankee Universe. Go, Yanks." - Funkstown

"For the people having the problems with the stink bugs, here's a surefire way to get rid of them. Take two pieces of two-by-four, six inches long, lay one down, put a stink bug on top, smack with other. Use a two-by-four. You are sure to get rid of them." - Halfway

"This is another comment concerning the workplace. I mean, HR people at a company tells you if you have any problem or anything with a supervisor or with a fellow co-worker, to come to them. ... But when you do go to those people, when you do go to HR, then the person that you have the problem with, if it's a supervisor, they, they're out to get you. I mean, you gotta watch." - Greencastle, Pa.

"Was pleased to see in Wednesday's newspaper that Washington County officials are considering requiring fire and rescue companies to provide accountability of their finances. It's about time." - Williamsport

"I'm wondering whether anybody has a better memory than me. There used to be a thing that we said: 'Reading and writing and arithmetic, taught to the tune of the hickory stick.' And then there was another part of it, that went 'No more reading, no more fun, no more chewing chewing gum.' And I just wondered if anybody out there ... has a memory about this. If so, write it in. I think it's so cute, and the kids would love it." - Williamsport

"If our County Commissioners and council members, City of Hagerstown, do not stop raising our rates for water and sewer, none of us will be able to wash our hands, take a bath and wash our clothes. It's time for them to stop and think. Some of us are unemployed, do not have big-paying jobs or big retirement." - Williamsport

"This government does not take care of us American people. I'm an old woman and had to stand in line for ages to get a flu shot. You tell me this is right? They've taken away our money, these banks are crooked, we get nothing at all. ... I think it's downright disgusting. From all phases of government on down, they keep doing more and more harm to us." - Boonsboro

"About the comment about going to the grocery store: The best thing that you can do is when you're done, look at your receipt before you leave the store because sometimes things ring up on the scanner, they double, or sometimes when things are on sale they don't ring up correctly." - Hagerstown

"I just wanted to say a big thank you to Sally in the admissions center at Washington County Hospital for being such a wonderful nurse to my husband. I really appreciate her kindness, and thank you to all the nurses at the admissions center for being so kind and being such special people." - Hagerstown

"Another trial has been conducted for guards at the local prisons. ... The state's attorney should not waste time or money in another trial. ... This is a lesson that we will pay dearly for." - Halfway

"An entire series in the paper about homelessness. Two full days, pages on the Day of Caring, yet not one word about how the state government is ... crippling people with developmental disabilities by cutting their budgets by huge numbers. This is the most vulnerable population in the state and nothing is being said about it in the paper. If this was education or police, it would be all over the front page." - Hagerstown

"I'd like to pay a compliment to the City of Hagerstown's light department for a very quick response to a power outage. Yesterday I called, they responded within two hours and had repaired the outage." - Hagerstown

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