Mail Call

October 10, 2009

"I heard Congressman Boehner from Ohio saying he hasn't met one person that's in favor of the public option, when 70 percent of his constituents in Ohio are in favor of it. I think he needs to spend more time out and about, and less time in his tanning bed." - Martinsburg, W.Va.

"I'd just like to thank The Herald-Mail for putting in the new section in the TV entertainment part of the newspaper, where it talks about each day, the best bets, the talk shows and the best movies, which gives you a little idea what comes on TV each day for the talk shows and the movies, and it actually tells you a little bit about what the movie is gonna be. So you can plan your TV entertainment for the evening. Thank you very much, Herald-Mail. That's a great job you're doing." - Williamsport

"I would like to say why don't the victims get some rights, where they can file lawsuits against the people who commit murder against their relatives? This would only be fair. And let them inmates pay for their own appeals, instead of the taxpayers - especially when they're 100 percent guilty, like Muhammad and Malvo." - Hagerstown


"I'm wondering why we haven't heard any more about the task force created by the Hagerstown mayor and council, to study the sidewalk repair issue in the city, which is unfair and unjust, to have property owners pay for the repair of city-owned public sidewalks. I believe Councilwoman Ashley Haywood is on this task force, which is supposed to study ways to pay for this repair, other than through the property owner's wallets. Is there a reason we haven't heard any more about this? And as long as I'm on this topic, in addition to paying for the repair of these public sidewalks, is it fair for the property owners to have to shovel the snow and ice off these public sidewalks as well? I don't think it should be." - Hagerstown

"Is it possible that The Herald-Mail could put all schools on their sports front page other than North High? You expect the county to support your paper, but do you support all county teams? Don't bury these teams in the back pages. Support them equally, whether they are winners or losers. They deserve the same opportunity as North. How about North losing on Friday night? And we had it all on the front. Come on, give us a break." - Hagerstown

"America, what is next? Now we're going to blast the moon, to see if there is water and ice under the sand surface? Who really cares? Why can't they take all of this money that they're going to spend for something like that, and feed our hungry and come up with jobs for people? We've messed up our own country, or our world. Do we have to mess up the moon, too?" - Hagerstown

"I have two comments about new additions to The Herald-Mail. The first one is on the TV page. They added best programs, movies, and the best talk shows. This is very, very helpful, and I enjoy it. But there's no sudoku with No. 1 difficulty. I miss it. Every Monday it used to be there, and that's the one that I can do. Please add the No. 1 sudoku."

- Martinsburg, W.Va.

"I can't understand why the local newspaper buried an excellent article on nursing homes being in peril of being closed down. We keep hearing all these rumors - the Democrats say one thing, the Republicans say the other, and the Republicans are being blamed for saying 'Well, the new health care plan was just gonna put people that are old out to pasture to die.' Well, if anybody read this article on page B5, there are people quoted right in here, stating they can foresee the possibility of nursing homes having to close their doors, because of the economy." - Hagerstown

"I've lived in this area my whole life, which is over 50 years. I've been somewhat politically active, and I've been totally disappointed over the last dozen years or so with our local government. Now, this is a message for the Smithsburg people and their children. Dig deep and find out who will profit the most from the building of this new Eastern school. ... The decisions are made before these meetings are even held. You need to know that." - Hagerstown

"The parking meters came, the stores moved out, the banks built their branches, so now what's left downtown?" - Hagerstown

"This is for President Obama. If they send 40,000 bats - not troops - to Afghanistan and Pakistan, turn them loose, the Al-Qaida would come out of those caves on their own." - Hagerstown

"Martinsburg caller, are you aware that your fellow Democrats do in fact actually control the presidency and both houses of Congress? They can pass whatever so-called health care reform they want, any time they want. They don't need any Republican votes to ensure 'that something gets done,' and if your Democrats have voted down all our proposed amendments and changes, how dare you demand we conservative Republicans compromise our principles and support Obamacare? Oh, I get it - share the blame. No, thanks." - Frederick, Md.

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