Letters to the Editor

October 09, 2009

Writer has a serious concern for the country

To the editor:

I am responding to the letter by Pastor Raymond Young published in The Herald-Mail on Oct. 5.

Though I'm not as well versed in scripture, I seem to recollect that God gave Lucifer temporary dominion over the earth when he cast him from heaven. Using the reverend's analogy, all those who gave respect to Hitler did the right thing for he was in authority and appointed by "God." I disagree strongly. To begin with, an individual has to earn respect for it to be rendered honorably unto him. That is not to say that deserving groups such as police officers, firefighters and soldiers should not be respected as a group for the good they do, as well as teachers and the like. But for individuals who are not motivated for man's betterment, then respect as an individual has to be earned.


I don't group (President) Obama with Hitler, nor do I believe that he is evil, but the reality is that he has virtually no experience in running a government and his position is not one in which on-the-job training is adequate.

I will render respect to the office, but not necessarily to the man who fills that office, especially when he has taken an already downtrodden economy and is driving it further and further into the ground.

His support of terrorists, and questionable other activities such as his involvement with the questionable group known as "ACORN" (yes, I know he was young) and his policies to spend our way out of debt, together with his continuous vacillating on critical issues leaves me with a serious concern for this country. I am neither Democrat or Republican and, yes, I am a Christian conservative and proud of this country's heritage and history for fighting against tyranny wherever it exists.

John N. Fiore

We must take care of our health first

To the editor:

Few people remember the times before health insurance and Medicaid. Medical appointments were fee for service and hospital stays were less frequent.

As a nation we worked hard on farms and in the city and walked where we needed to go. No one wants to go back in time, yet modernization has had its toll on American health. America is one of the most obese and unhealthy nations on Earth. With the epidemic of obesity and misuse of fast food, soft drinks, alcohol and cigarettes, we are a nation that causes much of the heart disease, diabetes, lung cancer and other related health issues. Much of the escalation in health care insurance and costs are due to the lack of responsibility of each individual to live a healthy life.

What America is not considering is the individual responsibility that goes along with having health care. Why expect insurance companies and the government to take care of your health if you don't do this yourself? If Americans want subsidized health care, they need to either pay extra taxes for the privilege or take their own health in hand and reduce the need for medical treatment.


Judith M. McLean
Waynesboro, Pa.

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