South End schools locked down briefly

October 09, 2009

HAGERSTOWN -- Schools in the south end of Hagerstown were on a modified lockdown for about an hour Friday morning while police responded to an incident in the 1300 block of Jay Drive, Police Chief Arthur Smith said.

The lockdown was lifted at 9:49 a.m.

Washington County Public Schools spokesman Will Kauffman said in a news release that the schools involved were in the South Hagerstown High School complex.

"Each school in the system is locked and secured as a full-time practice, so nothing changed in that regard," the release said. "The only effect on activity was at E. Russell Hicks Middle School, where Principal Duane McNairn, as a precaution, brought students in from outside band practice. No outside activity occurred until police notified school officials that the incident was resolved."

The release said classroom activity was unaffected.

Smith said the schools were on the modified locked down while police responded to a disturbance call that involved firearms in the 1300 block of Jay Drive.


Smith said the first officer on the scene saw two men walk into the front of a house on Jay Drive. Police later discovered that the men left through the back.

After searching a car that was parked in front of the house, police found a handgun and a sawed-off shotgun, Smith said.

"We are hoping to make arrests," Smith said. "We don't have anything yet."

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