Letters to the Editor

October 08, 2009

One book opens the door for contentment

To the editor:

"Books can give perspective to an otherwise vacuous life." Boy, did that headline leap out at me in Friday's paper, and no doubt that is true for 99 percent of Americans today who are living such void, and uncontented lives with no inward peace.

I used to be in this same situation because being the heathen as I was, I was always searching for something to satisfy my mind and my body, and if it belonged to someone else, that was OK, too. It just took a little more time to get it. My life was an empty vacuum.

But years of searching for, and getting what I thought would satisfy me, only drove me to many foolish and hurtful lusts for which I certainly have paid dearly. It left me with a "vacuous" life although I thought I had it all, knew it all, could handle it all, and that I had it made. Could lose nothing!


But then when I met personally the giver of life, the sustainer of life, the taker of life and the complete changer of life, all I thought I was, all I thought I had, and all I thought I wanted was left at the cross of Calvary. In exchange, I received the peace that passes understanding, the wisdom that does not puff one up, but it makes one humble to where they finally realize what a fool they had been for so many "vacuous" years.

There's only one book which can prove where we came from, where we are now, and where we are going, and it is not based upon man's own thoughts and ways which can be very deceiving. It completely satisfies and takes away the desire to look for contentment elsewhere.

Nancy Martin

Insulting choice of word in headline

To the editor:

A religion is not a sect.

Using the term "A former Jewish sect" (The Herald-Mail, Sat. Oct. 3) in a headline is an ignorant and insulting term to describe Judaism. The definition of a sect is "A religious denomination that has broken away from an established church." This is hardly the case for Congregation Beth Jacob, the representative of a Jewish community established in Martinsburg, W.Va., in 1870, and serving Jews who had lived in the area long before that date.

Had it not been for Judaism, there would be no Christianity. Yet would you depict the parishioners of Saint Mary's as the followers of a Catholic sect? What of the members of Saint John's Episcopal Church, would they be the adherents of a Protestant sect?

The Moonies are a sect, so were the ill-fated Jim Jones followers or the poor souls who died in Waco with David Koresh.

Established religions are just that, religions.

Your headline should have read, "The former Martinsburg Congregation of Beth Jacob distributes its assets."

Jeanne Jacobs

Removing God from everything is damaging

To the editor:

It seems to me parents and kids are trying to manage this country.

They rule the schools. I have relatives teaching at schools so I know of which I speak.

No respect and no morals must rule our society. When the president of the United States can't address the school kids, it's a sorry day.

America abuses freedom of every subject.

How many kids don't finish education, roam the streets, have unwanted pregnancies and babies suffer. Hate is prevalent in this country but I'm sure no one can stand up and tell them how to be a worthwhile citizen.

Just continue to spoil kids by kowtowing to their every whim and we as a society will continue to pay for counseling and programs that aren't working. But where is the cry for taxpayers money supporting such programs?

America hasn't given up yet and at the rate it's going, never will.

This is the result of removing God from everything in this country.

Rosa Lee Meyers

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