Syd gets a grip on Redskins holder

October 07, 2009|By BIG SYDNEY

I recently heard disturbing news about the Washington Redskins.

No, it's not that the local favorites are 2-2, including 2-1 in a stretch of playing teams that couldn't spell "win" if they had the 'W' and 'N' as hints.

It is more earthshaking.

The Redskins could possibly be playing without Hunter Smith, who has been proclaimed "The most accurate holder to ever play the game."

How big is that? Washington County tip jar players, if anyone, would know how devastating this could be. Ask 'em. You can't win anything without a good holder.


This could be a real blow to Washington. Of course, you would never know it by recent results. The Redskins haven't been scoring much.

I've got to say, though, Smith always seems to have a firm hold on his Gatorade while standing on the sidelines. You can see the white of his fingers, which means he has a tight grasp.

Losing the grip on the holder is a public relations and marketing nightmare for the Redskins. My sources over at the Dargan theater and gossip center -- Show and Tell -- gave the scoop on Washington's efforts to get Smith voted the Pro Bowl holder, while quite possibly moving him in contention for a spot for the Hall of Fame.

At least the museum would be guaranteed that he wouldn't drop his bust.

Rumor has it the Redskins are going to have Hunter Smith Pot Holder and Candle Holder Days.

He was scheduled to do a car commercial to talk about all the handy cup holders.

Smith -- who, oh yeah, by the way, marks down Washington punter as his day job -- was supposed to sign an endorsement deal for can cozies, those rubber holder things that keep beverages cold.

My sources tell me the Redskins are real worried, though. They will be taking a huge financial bath if Smith doesn't return soon. It will be too late to cancel the most lucrative campaign.

It will be pretty tough to return all those Hunter Smith bobble finger dolls.

On with the picks. Last week: 12-10 (.546). Season: 72-39 (.649).


Middletown 27, South Hagerstown 8

Walkersville 26, North Hagerstown 12

Boonsboro 20, Williamsport 10

Catoctin 17, Smithsburg 7

Clear Spring 16, Rappahannock County 14

Randolph-Macon Academy 20, Hancock 7

Chambersburg 22, Susquehanna Township 18

Waynesboro 28, West Perry 24

Greencastle 28, Red Land 11

Martinsburg 33, Washington 7

Musselman 27, Hedgesville 7

Fort Hill 27, Jefferson 10

Keyser 24, Berkeley Springs 8

Camp Hill 23, James Buchanan 7

Maret 23, Saint James 17

Blair Academy 31, Mercersburg Academy 12


Maryland 24, Wake Forest 21

West Virginia 30, Syracuse 17

Penn State 35, Eastern Illinois 0

Shepherd 31, West Virginia Wesleyan 14


Ravens 24, Bengals 14

Panthers 20, Redskins 13

Steelers 33, Lions 17

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