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Irving comes up big in net for North Hagerstown

Irving comes up big in net for North Hagerstown

October 06, 2009|By BOB PARASILITI

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    HAGERSTOWN -- Lindsay Irving covers her emotions well.

    The North Hagerstown goalkeeper is rock solid on the outside, even while she is quivering like Jell-O on the inside.

    Poise won out over emotion again on Tuesday when Irving made a key save in the second minute of the second half to help the North girls soccer team lock down a 2-0 victory over Boonsboro in a rematch of the Washington County Tournament championship game.

    The Hubs held the 2-0 lead when Boonsboro's Kara Nettleton outran North's defense for a long passed ball down the middle of the field. Nettleton collected the ball about 20 yards from the goal and made her move.

    "When I saw her coming, the only thing that went through my mind was 'Oh, crap,'" Irving said. "I knew I had to come out and do something for the team and myself."


Irving took on Nettleton head-on and practically picked the ball off the Boonsboro forward's foot. The shot went wide to preserve the two-goal bulge and prevented Boonsboro from getting any momentum to comeback.

"That was a game-saving save," said North coach Rick Aleshire. "If we give them that score, they probably come back and get the win."

Irving didn't realize what she had done, considering that the save made her life much easier. There was less pressure on her the rest of the game because of the two-goal lead.

"I didn't think about that. I usually don't thing about those things until after the game," Irving said. "She shot it and I stuck out my foot and deflected it. It was a weird move, but it was all reflex because it happened so fast."

The save -- even though there still were 38 minutes remaining in the match -- became a big factor for North in recording its sixth shutout of the season. It was a far different feeling, considering the two teams played to a scoreless tie in the tournament final, which was won by the Hubs on penalty kicks.

Instead of a 100-minute stalemate, this game turned in a 90-second section of the first half.

The Hubs created their first goal off a corner kick in the 24th minute by Jackie Keller that bounced back to her. She popped it back into the middle, where Katie Ritter fired from 10 yards out past Becky Smith.

North didn't wait long to add a little cushion. The Hubs won the ball away from the Warriors after the restart. Lyndsey Knapp came down the left side of the field and unloaded a shot from 15 yards off the wing. She threaded the needle, ticking the ball off the inside of the goal post for a score in the 25th minute.

"That was a great save and back-to-back goals are tough to overcome," said Boonsboro coach Kyle Linng. "But we got back into the game. (North) finished better than we did."

The majority of the rest of the game was played in the midfield. That made it easier for Irving to reflect on her save at the end of the match.

"I thought I was sure glad I made that save," Irving said.

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