Accident victim remembered as 'friend to everyone'

Chambersburg teen killed in weekend car crash

Chambersburg teen killed in weekend car crash

October 04, 2009|By JENNIFER FITCH

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. -- Friends of a 17-year-old girl killed this weekend in a car accident anticipate the halls of Chambersburg Area Senior High School will be much quieter Monday.

Student Government President Kacy Straub left Friday's football game and lost control of the 1990 Lexus she was driving as it rounded a curve on Grand Point Road in Greene Township, Pennsylvania State Police said. The girl was flown to York (Pa.) Hospital and pronounced dead Saturday afternoon.

"I was completely and utterly shocked. Someone like that just can't be gone," friend Kelsie Miller said.

Kacy was a student leader involved in several activities, including basketball and golf. More than 600 teenagers joined a Facebook page created in her memory, sharing thoughts about her enthusiasm and sense of humor.

"Everyone knew Kacy," Kelsie said. "There wasn't one person at school who didn't know her."

"She was a friend to everyone," said Mallory Cortis, a friend and fellow golfer.


"There's not a person who didn't like Kacy. High school has these little cliques, but Kacy crossed all of them," said Sean Wible, science teacher and senior class adviser at the high school.

Additional counselors and psychologists will be at the high school today to assist students with grief, according to Assistant Superintendent Eric Michael.

Kacy helped other students when Sarah Hurley, also from the class of 2010, died in a car accident in April. She rallied classmates and paid tribute to Sarah during the school's Color Day event.

"I've never seen one person pull up a whole group of people like she did," Wible said.

"She said, 'Sarah wouldn't want us to be sad,'" Kelsie recalled, saying that Kacy often talked about living each day to the fullest.

"No one could be sad around her," Kelsie added.

"If someone was sad or down, she was always there to cheer them up," Wible said.

"She was the most caring and giving person you'd ever meet," Mallory said.

Kacy, senior class treasurer, led the "CASHS Crazies" cheering section at many events and sports games. Wible sought out Kacy and excitedly told her about the arrival of a new Trojan mascot costume last week.

"She was the first person to wear it, and I'm so glad she was," Wible said, his voice cracking. "No one had more school spirit than she did."

Kacy was looking forward to golf playoffs starting Wednesday, after finishing 10th in the state last year.

"She said, 'If I make the top five, I'll be ecstatic,'" Wible said.

For four years, Mark Yost coached Kacy on the girls' high school golf team.

"She was the best ... my team captain," Yost said by telephone Sunday afternoon. "This was the fourth year I had Kacy on my team."

Yost said Kacy would do anything for anybody, always putting others before herself. She was going to college, but wasn't sure where or what she would study.

Talk about the future was interspersed with singing and jokes when Kacy and Kelsie traveled to Harrisburg, Pa., in April. They participated in a civics forum and met the governor's wife.

"I felt like I could talk to Kacy about anything because she was so down-to-earth. She had so many plans for herself, and I really looked up to her," Kelsie said, saying Kacy was very excited for this school year.

Kelsie and Mallory described Kacy as their mentor.

"That was her role in life -- to lead. ... She definitely didn't waste her life," Mallory said.

"She was the epitome of what you'd want in your top students," Wible said.

Staff writer Marlo Barnhart contributed to this story.

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