Mail Call

October 03, 2009

"This is on misspending money, city and county. Mr. Neil Parrott, I see where you're running for - might be running for Christopher Shank's seat, which I would vote for you. I'm in this TEA Party thing. I think you're doing a good job. My question is if you could put something in ... what can we do about the city and county misspending taxpayers' money here in Washington County and the City of Hagerstown?" - Hagerstown

"I was reading about the police chief opposing a halfway house in the city of Hagerstown. I don't blame him a bit. They put a college down there, and now they want to put a place downtown for rapists, robbers and thieves and murderers and everything. I got a good idea. Put them in one of them boot camps and treat them like they treat some of these juveniles that they send up there." - Washington County


"The Washington County Health Department did a wonderful job with the flu shots. We went to South High, and were in and out in no time. It was so well-organized, and we were amazed." - Hagerstown

"I'd like to find out if anybody knows who I can contact about a landlord trying to evict me when my rent is paid in full until next month. No reason whatsoever, she is able to evict me. If you can give me any information about it, please let me know." - Hagerstown

"I think that China is trying to buy our country out from under us, and in order to do that, they sent the stink bugs." - Falling Waters, W.Va.

"Roscoe Bartlett just voted against providing money to put people back to work. ... How many Wall Street executives do you think live in the 6th District?" - Halfway

"Calling about the stink bugs. Buy a gallon of clear ammonia at $1.79 a gallon; a package of three refillable spray bottles - as your family can have fun also, for $3.80 - and start spraying the bugs with the full-stream setting. One or two trigger pulls and it works, and it's cheap. Don't believe me? ... hit them with a couple of shots of ammonia and push them into a glass jar." - Clear Spring

"Every day in Mail Call, people blame the politicians, the economy, the school system, their employers, etc., for their lot in life. Each one of us is responsible for the decisions we make that ultimately lead to who we are and how our lives turn out. We determine our outcome. We determine our level of education and how much we want to earn. People need to start taking responsibility for themselves and their family instead of placing blame and looking for excuses." - Keedysville

"Had to laugh at the reasoning in Tim Rowland's piece, where he said Republicans should change their values because the Democrats are messing things up too much in this state. Sorry, Tim, my values are my values, whether anyone else holds them or not. If the Democrats are screwing things up too badly, perhaps it is they who should change. Personally, I have about given up on Maryland." - Smithsburg

"I'll bet most of you aren't aware that the state of Maryland government is now paying for medical, prescription and life insurance benefits for 'domestic partners' of state employees. They've kept really quiet about this. Not only did state employees not get any raises, they all got 2 percent pay cuts. Something fishy here." - Hancock

"The stink bug invasion has driven people to possibly using noxious chemicals to deter these seemingly impervious varmints. Hopefully, we won't make ourselves sick in the process. Remember, it all eventually ends up in our drinking water. Check out the many Web sites on 'natural repellents' and deterrent procedures that might stave them off, such as certain essential oils. There is a lot of information available on the Web." - Sharpsburg

"I'm gonna say it once, not twice, because we know how to count. Republicans lost the last elections - big time - and one of the reasons is they didn't do anything about health care insurance reform except make it needed even more. So the least they can do is learn to compromise so that something gets done. You can't have it just your way." - Martinsburg, W.Va.

"I think the town hall meetings should be stopped. It's costing the taxpayers quite a bit of money to have the politicians, the city buildings, the police and everybody else there for security. Pretty soon, we're gonna be taxed into oblivion by everybody." - Hagerstown

"Sept. 29, what a glorious, wonderful day. Mail Call comments: Concerns about sewer, water rates, city government, football practice, stink bugs, neighborhood watch, unemployment benefits, senior citizens' concerns, flu shots, golf course hours of operation, walnut harvesting, football fan clubs, Medicare and lost dogs found. Not a single hate comment about Obama, Bush, Democrat, Republican, in either Mail Call or on the Opinion page." - Quincy, Pa.

"This is to the man who found the two dogs. That's really good, and I'm glad he was smart enough to keep them overnight at his own house instead of taking them to a shelter." - Hagerstown

"To the person that stole my white chair off my front porch in the last day or so: Hope you enjoy setting in it as much as I have." - West End of Hagerstown

"I read Mail Call all the time, and there's always somebody that has something negative to say about President Obama. Now, if I remember correctly, he won by a landslide. So we've only got ourselves to blame. Deal with it." - Hagerstown

"Give all the low-income uninsured Medicaid, and have them pay a premium according to their income. The rest of us will keep what we have. Why wouldn't the Republicans like this?" - Williamsport

"Thumbs up for Pennsylvania, offering a $5,000 reward for tips against dogfighting." - Boonsboro

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