Mail Call

October 02, 2009

"I agree with the person who called and said what we need in the way of health care reform is state-to-state availability. We need to open up competition. Competition will bring the cost of the insurance down. I heard this years ago, and everybody that was talking about it said it would work, but nobody would do it. It's time to do that. And also, of course, we need tort reform." - Hagerstown

"This is to echo the Smithsburg caller in Monday's paper. Jimmy Carter does need to shut up. If we want any comments from the peanut gallery, we'll ask." - Hancock

"I want to commend the paper on the series about the homeless. I have two ideas which might help the homeless. First, why not use one of the many empty stores, factories or warehouses for a daytime homeless center? Second, many churches have fellowship centers, gymnasiums or other large areas which are empty during the week. Why doesn't a church, or maybe several churches, open their facilities for a daytime shelter?" - Hagerstown


"You know, I cannot understand why the Republicans, right-wing talk show hosts, people like John McCain and some more of them, Sean Hannity and all of them, Bill O'Reilly, seem like they want us to start a war with Iran and North Korea. Don't they have anything better to do? The funny part about it, they don't go with any service. They're not wearing a uniform." - Hagerstown

"I have a question. I understand that the Washington County Commissioners gave the Boy Scouts $5,000, and in return, then the Boy Scouts gathered materials and sent them overseas to poor families. But yet we have homeless children in our Washington County Schools." - Hagerstown

"I'm wondering if they have found a place yet for the senior citizens, and I have called in a couple different places, but why don't they have a contest? People write in their choice and see whose is the best, before the people who are in charge make a big mistake. We do not need to buy a new building when there's buildings out there available. Please, please don't let them do this." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling with a solution to killing the stink bugs. I mix about two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid and about one and a half cups of water. Don't shake it up, just kind of stir it around a little bit. I put it in a spray bottle and I spray the stink bugs, and they die within a few minutes. I've been using it for the last week, and I hardly have any stink bugs anywhere near my house anymore." - Boonsboro

"I'm calling about health care. I was paying $60 a week for myself for health care, and I was informed from my boss, as of this Friday I will start paying $200 a week for health care for myself, and that's more than half of my paycheck, and which I can't afford. Mr. President, you call this health care reform, I don't want any parts of it. And when is the greed gonna stop in this country? Mr. President, we have two major crises in this country, and that's creating jobs and immigration. That's what you should be working on. That's more important than anything. And I'm willing to listen to any comments." - Hagerstown

"State senator Donald F. Munson was out at the Fairgrounds Park. He said he was very surprised at the size of the crowd. 'This is huge. The people are really interested in the resources and services available today,' he said. 'The community services tent must have had a presence of every social service agency in Washington County. This is really a good thing for the community.' No, sir, Mr. Munson, what is a good thing for the - we need jobs, because everything in Washington County is going up, like sewer and water. We need jobs." - Clear Spring

"This is to the Hagerstown (caller) who is a Republican. I'm gonna say this - I'm a Democrat and I'm gonna say this one time, and one time only. The Republicans had 14 years and a lot before that, from 1994, to have health care reform, and they never did, because they get their money from the insurance companies, health care companies and the pharmaceutical companies. You think they want to give that up? They're not gonna give that up." - Hagerstown

"Well, I just found out today that my health insurance next year will be going up. Instead of $100 deductible, now it's $500 deductible, and I have to pay more money for it. And families have gone up to $1,000 deductible. So this is just the beginning of it. You better hope there's some kind of health plan and help coming from the government, because if not, what's next year gonna be? Two, three thousand dollars deductible?" - Hagerstown

"Some of you mothers out there could take some parenting tips from the Mennonite and the Amish mothers. I have yet to see their children crying, screaming and totally uncontrollable in public places." - Washington County

"Can anyone tell me how many 24-hour days Mr. Obama has spent in the White House since he took office in January? How much has he spent on jet fuel, and how much of the taxpayers' money has been paid for security for he and his family, as he travels all over the world?" - Williamsport

"I would like to make a comment. This is to the person that stole my son's North Hagerstown High School class ring out of the Martin's North Pointe grocery store, on Sept. 22. I would appreciate it if you returned it to Martin's. No questions will be asked. A police report has already been filed. Pawn shops and jewelry stores are already on notice." - Hagerstown

"Everyone in this town needs to get together and protest, and put a stop to the halfway house being put in our town. I've lived here all my life and I'm 64, and this used to be a safe, small town." - Hagerstown

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