Mail Call

October 01, 2009

"David Limbaugh certainly hit the nail on the head with his column in Saturday's Herald-Mail. When will the fawning liberal press wake up and stop covering for that snake oil salesman from Chicago?" - Maugansville

"How many years of mediocrity - or in this year's case, below mediocrity - do the Maryland athletic directors have to see before they realize we need a football coach? They need to go out and get somebody that's a name coach that can get some recruiting, get some blue chippers in there, because right now we are getting the leftovers that everybody else doesn't want." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling about the Mail Call in today's paper, on Sunday, Sept. 27, the Greencastle writer. There are jobs out there, but have you noticed everything is wanting experience? How do you get experience when they won't hire you? So I think you better look again and better retract your statement." - Hagerstown


"In reference to the Community Free Clinic, I just tried to drop some medications off this weekend down there. They're no longer allowed to take medications at the Washington County Hagerstown free clinic. Is there any clinic in West Virginia or Pennsylvania could take the medicines? Please put it in the paper." - Leitersburg

"I would like to know why these companies insist on putting an expiration date on their merchandise, just like the salad dressings, they got it up there stamped where it's black and you cannot read it. I take a magnifying glass along to the store before I buy it, but I can't read it." - Hagerstown

"Is there anything in this world that Obama is pleased with? It seems to me that he wants his name on everything. The next thing, he wants our kids to go to school longer. I believe we need more family time, not three hours longer sitting in a classroom the kids don't want. Our kids are doing fine." - Hagerstown

"I am calling about the lady that had the light stolen off of her father's grave. I can understand where she's coming from. I think there is a lot of that going on nowadays. I had flowers and many things taken off of my parents' graves many times. ... It's sad when people can't let the dead rest." - Hagerstown

"In Kathleen Parker's editorial today about ACORN and the triangle of trouble, of course, if you connect the dots, they all point to Obama - President Obama, sorry. And he may try to distance himself, but I hope that more reporters will point out this chain and these connections, and why they need the public option so they can unionize the health workers." - Hagerstown

"I attended the Convoy of Hope this past Saturday, and I just want to say that it was a very nice thing that the people do, the volunteers there helping out with the people - whether you were low-income, no-income, or even working and struggling in today's economy - helping out with the lunch and the bags of food, and the contacts for jobs and free medical testing." - Hagerstown

"I want to thank everyone who participated Saturday with the Convoy of Hope. At the entrance, everyone was so cheerful. The volunteers greeted us with a handshake and a smile. There was a tent where a man and two ladies prayed for me and my family. My hands were cold. This young man held my hands and said he would keep them warm. Me and my mom walked there ... I left the Convoy of Hope with a warm and fuzzy feeling." - Hagerstown

"About the game on Sunday, with Washington and Detroit, all I really gotta say once again, is Washington has again bailed out Detroit." - Hagerstown

"Just got my water and sewage bill, another 30 to 40 percent increase. If I could sell my house I'd be out of Washington County in a flash. I advise everybody to get out while you can, if you can. With these increases, you'll be living in the woods anyway." - Hagerstown

"It would be so nice if Berkeley Springs and Hancock could have trick or treat on the same night. I'm a senior citizen, and I enjoy the children so much, but can't afford to give treats to over two to three hundred children. Parents should keep their children in their own town. Have a happy Halloween." - Hancock

"I'm just wondering why Washington County decided to tar-and-chip over a perfectly blacktop road as Keedysville Road was. It was the best and smoothest I've been on it in many years. It just didn't look as pretty, because a lot of spaces weren't covered in the middle of the road, until they tar-and-chip over the whole thing. Now it's rough, your car gets tar on, chipped paint from stones flying up. What a ridiculous idea." - Keedysville

"To the caller on 28 September who went on a tirade about the Obama health care plan: The Republicans controlled the presidency, the Senate and the House of Representatives for six of the eight years under President George W. Bush. If they were so interested in reforming health care, why didn't they do it then? The Republicans are just a party of 'No.'" - Halfway

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