Name that Alley Contest Entries

October 01, 2009

  • admin said...
    9:28am, Thursday Sep 17

    Win a $50 gift certificate to Nick's Airport Inn.

    In an effort to help Hagerstown City officials rename Cramer's Alley, we're asking our readers to contribute their ideas. We'll give a $50 gift certificate to the person who suggests the best name and a $50 gift certificate to the person who suggests the funniest name.

    An esteemed panel of Herald-Mail judges will select the winners. The contest is open from now through Friday, Sept. 25. We'll ask the winners for a comment and we'll want to take your picture. Winners will be contacted via their login e-mails. The winners will be announced in the paper and online on Tuesday, Sept. 29.

    The City of Hagerstown is also seeking names from citizens to rename the alley. This contest is not associated with that effort. To submit your suggestions to the City of Hagerstown for consideration, please go to

  • sbeveridge said...
    11:44am, Thursday Sep 17

    Nick Adenhart Drive

  • naniminx said...
    12:36pm, Thursday Sep 17

    Symphony Way or George Carlin Place

  • HotRod1 said...
    1:18pm, Thursday Sep 17

    Unity Way - it best characterizes the way one community can come together no matter what obsticle it can face.

  • ejak123 said...
    1:23pm, Thursday Sep 17

    Lois Lane...lets use some humor and lighten it up a bit. Thanks.

  • klsuddith said...
    1:47pm, Thursday Sep 17

    Bruchey Blvd.


    Butterfly Way


    Ingram Alley

  • Fenderstrat81 said...
    2:05pm, Thursday Sep 17

    ShuckJive Walkway

  • oldgriz said...
    2:17pm, Thursday Sep 17

    Heiskell Pass


    Heiskell Way

  • Hott said...
    2:22pm, Thursday Sep 17

    Ingenuity Way


    Craig B. Wibberley Drive

  • decoder said...
    3:14pm, Thursday Sep 17

    Amer-Cray's Alleyway

  • shenandoah said...
    3:52pm, Thursday Sep 17

    Adenhart Alley

  • brlooke said...
    4:05pm, Thursday Sep 17

    Walzen Way (a nod to our sister city in Germany...Walzen means "to travel" in German)

  • brlooke said...
    4:10pm, Thursday Sep 17

    Gitouttama Way


    Don't get it? Say it out loud...git outta ma way.

  • Carrots1313 said...
    4:17pm, Thursday Sep 17

    The Arts Blvd.

  • mirtna said...
    4:22pm, Thursday Sep 17

    Ingram Place

    Performance Place


    ToTheDeck Drive

  • ITSCARLI said...
    4:22pm, Thursday Sep 17

    I agree with the memory of adenhart..... ADENHART AVENUE

  • jburrs1715 said...
    4:28pm, Thursday Sep 17

    Cramer's Way

  • jburrs1715 said...
    4:31pm, Thursday Sep 17

    Hub City Way

  • jburrs1715 said...
    4:33pm, Thursday Sep 17

    Hager Blvd

  • jburrs1715 said...
    4:35pm, Thursday Sep 17

    Metzner Ave

  • daven3ngm said...
    5:25pm, Thursday Sep 17

    Linn Hendershot Street or Linn Hendershot Drive....because of his selfless and tireless dedication to the city of Hagerstown and it's residents. What more can be said?

  • GCohen138 said...
    5:46pm, Thursday Sep 17

    Lou Scally Way...because he's our weatherman icon and so important in promoting all events and activities in Hagerstown and Washington County.

  • rickydotcom said...
    5:47pm, Thursday Sep 17

    (Barbara) Ingram Walk or (Barbara) Ingram Stravenue

  • blackwolf said...
    6:39pm, Thursday Sep 17

    Old And In The Way


    George W. Bush Way


    Republican Way


    Our Way


    National Debt Road


    Klingon Street


    Tinpan Alley

  • beth03459 said...
    6:45pm, Thursday Sep 17

    Adenhart Drive

  • janedf said...
    7:47pm, Thursday Sep 17

    Bowling Alley

  • janedf said...
    7:59pm, Thursday Sep 17

    Scally Alley

  • JohnMillerJr said...
    4:01am, Friday Sep 18

    From an aerial view it's surrounded by TREE names (Locust, Mulberry, Elm). Let's finish the box and name it "BIRCH STREET" or "FIR STREET" for a serious name. For funny: "STREET STREET"

  • knahs said...
    6:18am, Friday Sep 18

    Hagers Way

  • angel86 said...
    8:42am, Friday Sep 18

    Two Way Way....however, I like the tree idea... Birch Grove

  • ida45 said...
    9:31am, Friday Sep 18

    Idasmacku Alley

  • punky_brewster said...
    9:57am, Friday Sep 18

    Muhammed Alley

    that would stir up the town! (tribute to a boxer or have the terrorists won???)


    also, this may be a dumb question but is it an alley or a way (or an alleyway)? is there a difference? i see names with both so i was just wondering......

  • mamajugo said...
    9:58am, Friday Sep 18

    News Lane

  • mamajugo said...
    10:00am, Friday Sep 18

    Downtown Street

  • punky_brewster said...
    10:11am, Friday Sep 18

    Alley Berry

  • punky_brewster said...
    10:26am, Friday Sep 18

    oh so

  • punky_brewster said...
    10:29am, Friday Sep 18

    NOW i read Tim's article...i swear i thought of Mohammed Alley first ;)

    and they don't want "alley" in the name?? i'm so confused now...

  • davesrail said...
    12:37pm, Friday Sep 18

    Blues Ally

  • pbw07122003 said...
    4:15pm, Friday Sep 18

    City Way

    Downtown Way

    Hager's Way

  • govoni said...
    4:19pm, Friday Sep 18

    For all the good Mike Deming has done to help fix up downtown, I think it should be called,DEMING WAY

  • greatfish said...
    4:20pm, Friday Sep 18

    Thomas Kennedy Way

    Thomas Kennedy Pass


    I can't believe there's not a thing in this town that carries his name.

  • lexigirl1226 said...
    5:14pm, Friday Sep 18

    Nicks Lane


    Airport Blv.


    Tunnel Ave

  • newsboy said...
    5:34pm, Friday Sep 18

    "Renaissance Road"

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