Mail Call

September 30, 2009

"I passed by Bester Elementary Monday, Sept. 21, and saw the eye-catching display of pinwheels on the front lawn. What a really neat thing to do. I wasn't sure what it was for until I read about it in this morning's paper. It should have brought a smile to everyone's face who saw it. Thank you, Bester." - Williamsport

"I can't believe someone wrote in Mail Call that the BOE is responsible for not testing kids for swine flu. People, have common sense. Why would the BOE be responsible? I'm sorry, but the BOE cannot be responsible for everything that you want it to. Its responsibility is to educate the children." - Hagerstown

"Here it is, Sunday night. I'm a Ravens fan that disguised myself as a Steelers fan. I walked into Steelers Nation, and at the end of the game I made a fortune selling Harry Carey masks to the Steelers Nation." - Hagerstown


"I was furious when I visited the MVA this week. A table was set up outside the MVA, bashing our president about health care. People must remind themselves that President Obama inherited this big mess that our country is in. He did not create it. Most people that do not agree, that oppose what the president is doing, are people that are wealthy Republicans that got our country in this mess it's in today anyway, because of their own selfishness." - Hagerstown

"Talk about a short memory - you can stand and yell now. You couldn't when Bush ran for his second term. Ask the guy at Hedgesville High School who did that, and was kicked out and was fired from his job." - Marlowe, W.Va.

"Please forgive me if this has already been covered, but I have a large amount of medication bottles that I would like to recycle. If anyone could please let me know where to do that, leave it in Mail Call." - Williamsport

"Twenty percent of the population simply cannot accept the fact that Barack Obama is president. I understand your pain; it was difficult for me, too, when Bush was in. Nonetheless, your animosity long preceded his election, and now you're trying your best to make sure he's not re-elected. Well, you could succeed, but I doubt it. He'll be re-elected, maybe close, but he will be, for better or worse. You're loud, but there aren't as many of you as you think, and you can be annoying. But keep at it." - Greencastle, Pa.

"This is in response to people saying that Obama is not responsible for retirees not getting a Social Security COLA increase. Maybe not technically, but he also was not responsible for spending billions to bail out crooked Wall Street investment houses and AIG. That did not stop him from helping these (people). And finally the COLA for Social Security has been leaving out the inflation of health costs that weigh heavily against the elderly. If Obama cared at all about the elderly, he could easily propose a solution and have it passed through the Senate and House. I formerly supported Obama but now I know he is a fraud." - Hagerstown

"I'd like for you people to do one decent thing in your life. You run three or four columns in here about why people shouldn't get a Social Security COLA raise, but when I call in and ask why congressmen and senators got a raise and the senior citizens didn't, you seem to ignore that. That's just your usual left-wing bias bull that you're capable of spilling out every day." - Boonsboro

"To the lady in the ugly green Mercedes that pulled out in front of me at Target on Saturday and actually ran the stop sign without even looking to get on the main road: ... Stop signs are there for a reason and this was one of them. Not to be hit by oncoming traffic or causing an accident because you drive a Mercedes and think traffic rules don't apply to you." - Hagerstown

"I just left McDonald's in Berkeley County at 5:22, and a lady came in with her husband and he just lets the door shut in front of me, and I'm an older lady just like his wife. I tell you one thing, respect and courtesy has gone to heck and back. Nobody cares about anyone anymore. Nobody respects anyone anymore." - Hancock

"I want to call in about these scooters that people are riding with no helmets, insurance or tags. They fly past you on the highway or up the side of the highway doing 50 or more miles an hour. Again with no helmet, insurance or tags. I have to have a helmet, tags and insurance all before I even think about getting on my motorcycle and doing 50 miles per hour. Could someone tell me why, and what the difference is?" - Hagerstown

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