Perfect fit for homecoming dresses

Don't stress yourself out over finding the perfect dress. Here are easy tips to help you look your best

Don't stress yourself out over finding the perfect dress. Here are easy tips to help you look your best

September 29, 2009|By BRIGITTE GREWE / Pulse correspondent

Homecoming is a fun and exciting time that many people want to remember. School spirit is splashed across every corner of your school and everyone wants to hang out with friends and have a good time at homecoming.

But a key point to the homecoming dance is having a dress. And dress shopping can go both ways. Either it's a simple process and you got your dress way ahead of time, or it's a difficult and pressured one.

There are just some girls who end up procrastinating on getting a homecoming dress.

If homecoming is weeks, maybe even days away for you and the fact that you don't have a dress, shoes, or any clue what you're doing concerns you, there may some points to keep in mind to help you get through your homecoming complication swiftly and smoothly.


This economy doesn't scream "let's all get $100 dresses!" Money can be a determining factor for your dress. But that can't stop you for getting a gorgeous dress. Just keep the type of store in mind. If it's a...


Department stores tend to run a little pricey but have a big variety of choices. Some department stores have a clearance rack with dresses up to 50 percent off. Look also on the clearance racks for some great savings.

Discount stores have a variety of choices and have name- brand items on sale.

Your favorite regular retail store or stores where you buy your regular clothes that you know have a special occasion or more dressier section of clothes are usually to your taste.

Bridal stores. If money is not an issue, bridal stores have a great selection of dresses specifically for homecoming. The staff is usually friendly in helping you one on one to pick out a dress.


If you already have a dress style in mind, great. Having a style in mind, you can limit your choices making the choice easier. If you don't want to pick a style just yet, an easier way to decide is get a bunch of different dresses to try on and see what looks best on you for your body shape.

Trying on dress is very important. It might look good on the rack or online, but until you try on the dress you'll never know. The color, cut or even length might look great on someone else, but not on you.


An easy way to start is to pick the color you want your dress to be and search for dresses of that color. This makes your choices fewer so it is easier to pick your favorite. Also keep in mind your favorite color may not be the color that looks best with your skin tone, hair, eyes etc.

Shop online

Shopping online can be tricky if you are last-minute shopping. Dresses can't be shipped in very quickly. This is good if you have planned ahead because you can always return it and pick another one (shipping time in mind) if you don't like it.

However, shopping online gives you a good idea of what kind of dresses there are in one page. And if one just screams to you to get it and you really think it will look good, it's a perfect opportunity to get it. Online shopping will also up your chances of someone else not having your dress.

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