Williamsport audit recommendations include money handling

September 29, 2009|By DAVE McMILLION

WILLIAMSPORT -- A draft of a recent audit of Williamsport's government identified several "conditions" and made recommendations for addressing them, according to the report that was reviewed Tuesday night by the mayor and Williamsport Town Council members.

The audit said a front desk clerk is involved in several parts of the cash receipts process, including receiving the cash, processing it, filling out a deposit slip and taking the money to the bank. Those duties should be separated so no person has complete control over the process and there is a less chance of fraud or error, the report said.

The report said the town clerk should verify bank deposits and deposit the daily receipts into the bank.

The second condition related to several invoices that were not authorized for payment as indicated by the signatures of the town clerk and mayor. Fraud or unauthorized expenditures could occur in those situations, the report said.


Mayor James G. McCleaf II said after the meeting that some of the situations arose over bills that he signed that had more than one page. McCleaf said he only signed the top page.

The mayor and town clerk should place their approval on the right corner of each page of a bill if possible, the report said.

McCleaf said he was pleased with the outcome of the audit, especially given the projects the town has undertaken recently, such as pool repairs and a road extension in Byron Memorial Park.

The state requires municipalities to conduct an annual audit that must be filed with the state by Oct. 31, said Michele Mills of Draper & McGinley, a local certified public accounting firm. Mills presented the audit's findings to council members and McCleaf Tuesday.

The council agreed to vote on the draft Oct. 12.

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