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Three win gift certificates in alley-naming game

September 28, 2009|By HEATHER KEELS

HAGERSTOWN -- Herald-Mail readers turned to local lore, hometown heroes and even song lyrics to generate more than 300 submissions to a contest to suggest a name for the newly widened section of Cramer's Alley.

The contest ran parallel to a City of Hagerstown effort to generate ideas for names for the section, which is between East Washington Street and the Arts and Entertainment Parking Deck.

The naming decision will be up to city officials, who are taking suggestions through Wednesday on the city's Web site at

Winners of The Herald-Mail's contest received $50 gift certificates to a local restaurant.

Those winning suggestions, selected by a panel of three Herald-Mail judges, were best name, "Renaissance Road," submitted by Jeff Johnston, 54, of Hagerstown; and funniest name, "Ididitmy Way," submitted by Lillian "Betty" Harris, 49, of Hagerstown and Shirley Reed, 54, of Springfield, W.Va.


The judges were columnist Tim Rowland, digital content specialist Lesa Selders and graphic artist Brandon Boschert.

Selders said she liked "Renaissance Road" because it had an Old World ring while evoking a new beginning.

"There were a lot of ones that were good, but that one seemed to fit the best without pointing to any particular person or place," Selders said. "It kind of combined everything that was going on in that area."

In his online submission, Johnston mentioned the newly designated Arts and Entertainment District, new restaurants and the opening of the Barbara Ingram School for the Arts on the other side of South Potomac Street from Cramer's Alley.

"What better name to celebrate the rebirth of downtown Hagerstown," Johnston wrote.

The judges selected "Ididitmy Way" after all three picked it as one of the top five funniest names submitted, Rowland said, adding that his personal favorite was the typically literal "Wider Drive."

Selders said she liked "Ididitmy Way" because it evoked the old Frank Sinatra song "My Way" with a creative play on words.

Reed suggested Ididitmy Way online and Harris wrote in with the same suggestion. It was unclear which was submitted first, so both were awarded a $50 gift certificate, Executive Editor Jake Womer said.

Reed, a former State Line, Pa., resident, now lives in Hampshire County, W.Va., where she works in the county planning department. Hampshire County has been in the process of converting to 911 addressing, which often involves renaming roads, so Reed said she has seen many creative names come through the office.

Harris, who works for the Frederick County (Md.) Department of Social Services, said she thought the name Ididitmy Way was appropriate for a street in the Arts and Entertainment District because artists have to believe in themselves and persist against the odds.

"I like to make people laugh, I like to make people think and I decided it might hopefully be an inoffensive name for a street in Maryland," she said.

Some of the most frequently suggested ideas were tributes to Hagerstown founder Jonathan Hager, TV weatherman Lou Scally and baseball star Nick Adenhart, who died in April.

Womer said the paper will offer a list of contest submissions to the city for consideration, but the contest was not associated with the city's official renaming efforts.

Following are some of the submissions to The Herald-Mail's alley renaming contest:

Hager or Hager's Alley/Way/Boulevard (seven times)

Scally or Lou Scally Alley/Way/Drive/Place/Lane (seven times) (also Lou's Lane or Louis Lane)

Cramer Lane/Way/Avenue/Road (six times)

Little Heiskell or Heiskell Alley/Pass/Way/Court (five times)

Nick Adenhart or Adenhart Drive/Alley/Avenue (four times) (also Adenhart's Passage, Adenhart Memorial Drive, Nick's Lane)

Ingram or Barbara Ingram Alley/Place/Walk/Avenue/Lane/Way (four times)

Downtown Street/Way/Drive

Hub Alley/Street/Way

Bowman Boulevard/Way/Place

Library Lane

Back Street/Alley

Ididitmy Way

Creative Way

Penny Lane

Blues Alley

The Arts Place/Lane/Way/Boulevard

Garden Way/Lane

Elizabeth's Way

Elizabethtown Lane

Birch Street/Grove

Le Downtown Alley

Wesel Passage

Potomac Passage

Rising Starz

Artists Way

TV Lane

Haber Street

Arts Crossing

Court Alley

Patriots Path

Chesapeake Way

Acappella Lane

Celebration Way

Kline Place

Tin Pan Alley/Way

Cliff Avenue

Park Street

NBC25 Sidestreet

Hope Road

Eastside Boulevard

Cramer's New Way Alley

New Way Alley

Fly Away

Queen's Way

Mummers Way

Starlight Way

In memory of 911 Alley

Theatre Way

Sweet Valley Alley

Center Alley

Duckpin Alley

Symphony Way

George Carlin Place

Unity Way

Lois Lane

Bruchey Boulevard

Butterfly Way

Ingenuity Way


Amer-Cray's Alleyway

Walzen Way

Gitouttama Way

Performance Place

ToTheDeck Drive

Hub City Way

Linn Hendershot Street/Drive

George W. Bush Way

Republican Way

Our Way

National Debt Road

Klingon Street

Bowling Alley

Fir Street

Street Street

Muhammed Alley

News Lane

Alley Berry

City Way

Thomas Kennedy Way/Pass

Airport Boulevard

Tunnel Avenue

Renaissance Road

Deja vu Avenue

Kurtzen Way

Tom Tom Bypass

Speed Trap Avenue

Littlest Highway

Verdi Lane

Chromatic Boulevard

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