Mail Call

September 26, 2009

"I would like to thank every person that was involved with the Sharpsburg Heritage Festival on Sept. 19. What a beautiful day. Everything was just great. Thanks to all. Looking forward to next year." - Sharpsburg

"As a taxpayer, I'm appalled with the State of Maryland. We're a green state, and we have a budget crisis, but the convicted felons in the prison system are allowed to do whatever they want with their water, with their heat, the food they toss away each day; it comes to probably hundreds of pounds. Nothing is being done about the prison system, concerning the budget, except cutting benefits for the officers." - Hagerstown

"There's jobs out there. It's just a lot of Americans are just downright lazy. I mean, the only people that want to work at times today. Besides, I've noticed that a lot of Americans don't want to work at certain jobs. They're picky on where they want to work at. So there you have it. There's your answer to your comment." - Greencastle, Pa.


"This is a message to the person who stole the fall merchandise from the country store west of Hagerstown. Hope you were smiling because we got you. Return the merchandise and no questions will be asked." - Hagerstown

"I'd like to thank the members of Lifehouse West church on Salem Avenue for all their help they're doing with the homeless in Hagerstown. Thank you so much. God bless each and every one of you." - Hagerstown

"I'd like to say that Maryland is for the Ravens. Steelers, get over it. Steelers, you stay in Pennsylvania." - Hagerstown

"In a Mail Call entry on Sept. 21, the caller, byline Hagerstown, took issue with coverage of the ACORN issue, and used 'ultra-liberal,' in quotes, in describing The Herald-Mail. Considering the editorial pages of The Herald-Mail and articles by Mr. (John) League ... coupled with (David) Limbaugh, (Charles) Krauthammer and (George) Will, I suggest the caller is not from Hagerstown at all - maybe the planet Mars." - Quincy, Pa.

"Come on, gimme a break, you think this is Steeler nation? ... You got more Redskins fans in Hagerstown than you do Ravens or Pittsburgh Steelers." - Clear Spring

"Yes, I thought I saw it all, until the other day, when I parked in front of the ... bank on Washington Street, when a guy behind me pulls up, gets out of the car, takes a parking ticket, puts it under his windshield and walks away from his car, so he don't have to put money in the meter. I think that's the new thing now." - Hagerstown

"I'm just calling to inquire why the Health Department and BOE ... of this county are refusing to test students for the swine flu outbreak. ... Is it because the cost of the test is too high? If the Centers for Disease Control is tracking it, why isn't Washington County? I would like to know. Please test." - Sharpsburg

"This is an answer to the person calling in saying the police do not know the southern end of Washington County exists. I just picked up a new Washington County map, and Dargan is not on it. So I got my Maryland map and I found it on that one. I guess Sheriff (Douglas) Mullendore and his deputies are using the Washington County map." - Williamsport

"You know, I cannot get over these right-wing talk show hosts and these Republicans condemning Obama for not listening to this general about Afghanistan, sending 40, 50 more thousand troops over to get killed. ... If it wouldn't have been for Truman, McCarthy would have went into China, and if it wouldn't have been for him, Patton would have went into Russia. So stop blaming him. I think he's thinking about the lives of these troops." - Hagerstown

"I had called about two months ago, and I was wondering who took the light off of my dad's grave at Cedar Lawn. I mean, it's pretty bad someone has to go by and take a light from a grave that my dad was buried there. I hope my dad haunts the person down because it was ignorant for what you did. A daughter thinking of her dad." - Hagerstown

"Amen to the caller who called concerning the people milling around the welfare office. I had taken a family member in who has worked all their life and is off work on disability with medical issues, trying to get some help, which we were denied and turned away." - Hagerstown

"I didn't think I would see the day that Maryland would be an underdog at home to a team such as Rutgers. The only time this coach has won, well over .500 for the year, was with his predecessor's recruits. I know they have gone to bowl games in the past several years, but usually with just six wins." - Hagerstown

"To the person ... who said his message to Rush Limbaugh and other similar-thinking individuals - which I am proud to say I am - it concerned throwing off the shackles of government-run sponsored programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. But you can't throw off the shackles. You are forced to pay Social Security, you're forced to pay Medicare and you're forced to support Medicaid." - Maugansville

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